Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Red, green , and six degrees

So my sister emails me a few weeks back to tell me that her nephew, who is in college and is studying glass blowing of all things, was invited by one of the guys who works at Wet Dog Glass over in Star to come and spend his spring break with him.
Nick, who makes some beautiful glass shapes is giving my sister's nephew a great opportunity to work with him by giving him some one on one instruction.

Yesterday Mark and I had to go see Takuro about ordering the clay for the tile project.
While we were there we had to drop in and meet the nephew. There was no mistaking who he was. He looks so much like my sister's husbands family.
We chatted a bit and then played the 3rd degrees of seperation.
He is related to my sister, he got here because he knows somebody who knows somebody.
Small world this art world is.
And it was great to watch the guys making some glass.
It was also great to watch the giving back, the time someone takes to teach someone the tricks of the trade.

Today I finally had a minute to glue some backs on earrings.
These are the fillers I put in the kiln when I am firing  tiles.
There are buttons there as well- but I can tell you a person has to be crazy as a bed bug to make buttons.
These drove me to the brink.
I am not sure I will ever do them again.
So button, button, who needs some buttons???

Sunday morning we enjoyed some time with my mother by inviting over some friends of my sister, our daughter , son-in-law and then us of course. I cooked up some lunch, just like we southerns like to do.
Sunday "dinner" at Ma Ma's house.
While there were about a dozen of us running around and visiting , cooking and eating, the cat, Penny, just climbed into a bag over near my mothers chair and went to sleep. In fact she slept there the whole time.
I just had to share the cat in the bag:

 She looks to have one eye open, but believe me, you, she is sound asleep.

Then to continue with all the red and green going on right now we had a yummy red sky yesterday that Mark grabbed the camera to catch.

 It seems my life is filled with red and greens right now.
Then again I did see some daffodils finally come out!
Yellow, it will be nice to add another color.


laura weant avery said...

cat in the bag!! that is too cute...glad you had fun in va.

Laurie said...

Yup, I want to see those buttons! Remind me of that when I come see you. I love the cat in a bag! Great photo!

Shortstuff said...

Glad to hear you got over to see Evan. I have a copule of his pieces. He does nice work. The picture of Penny is nice. She almost looks like a cat who won't maul you in that picture! C U Soon.

Linda Starr said...

what a great cat photo; your earrings and buttons look super, I bet someone who knits or sews would love a handmade button to enhance their work; what are you using to glue the backs on your earrings?

cindy shake said...

The cat in the bag is just hilarious! How fun to have a house full of friends and family -the best way to spend a Sunday!

cookingwithgas said...

This cat is not your sweet pet- she will drop kick anyone who tries to pet her!
So seeing her all sweet and sleeping is nice.
Lind I use e-6000 to glue the earrings.