Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Well- what the hey!????

Does anyone out there know beans about facebook?
We were working on our Facebook page for Whynot Pottery when it just disappeared.
POOF! It is gone- nowhere to be found.
We are building  a new page so what the hey- come find us once again and become a fan!
I mean it was so much fun the first time come on back- just one click will do it!
I will post up a link for the new page asap- go fan us we are hot!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

HA! I joine3d.

Ron said...

My personal page and my fan page got ditched a couple weeks ago. I emailed them several times but it took a week before they re activated it. None of this stuff is safe. What would I do if my blog disappeared? !!!!! I need to back it up I guess.

Tracey Broome said...

All I know about it is that it was a pain in the ass, I had people constantly chattering and I didn't have time for it, so I shut it down. I love my blog and my bloggers but boy I hated Facebook. I guess I just don't get it! There's my 2 cents HAHA!!

Shortstuff said...

I'm finding stuff just randomly disappears from FaceBook...not my stuff (so far) but some of the pages I've fanned. I don't know as I trust those folks and I'd make sure I stored important stuff elsewhere.

Linda Starr said...

wow, that is crazy, and Ron brings up a good point, I rely upon my blog for photos and info that I refer to later on, yikes, I better figure out a way to back up my blog too, not even sure how I would do it.

Jay Henderson said...

Everyone should backup like Texans vote -- early and often. Unfortunately, I know of no way to back up Facebook.

BLOGGER: Go to Settings/basic, blog tools and click on “export blog” then click on “download blog” button.

WORDPRESS: Go to Tools (lefthand column in dashboard), click on “export” then click on “download export file” button

Jay Henderson said...

Facebook is "improving" the site again. So far, the improvements seem to include (1) random error messages, regardless of whether or not there is an error, and (2) disappearing stuff. Yay!

gz said...

I think that their servers are having problems with the ever increasing traffic

cookingwithgas said...

Good advice Jay- we all need to back up!