Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Unloading the kiln

Mark took out this plate and I wanted a quick shot- funny the only wall space was next to this wall vase which still  has a patina of smoke on it.
There were a lot of pots that were coated with smoke and creosote from the fire.
The best part was most of the pots just needed to be run through a bisque fire to burn that all away.
But this piece, a commercial wall vase, took on a look we like so we keep it smoke and all.

Back to the kiln load.
Most all was good and it is sanded, priced and in the studio.
I did lose a jar to the green crawl......

Who knows why- the lid came out great and this glaze did not crawl on anything else.
Who knows- I guess you have to sacrifice something up to the kiln gods.

So here is Mark's plate without company.
The electric kin is cooling.
Fingers crossed, I have some of sister Lee's first tiles inside.
The pressure in on!


Shortstuff said...

beautimus! Hope it's a great weekend.

Judy Shreve said...
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Judy Shreve said...

Those pots are looking sweet -- love the plate. Good luck with sales & eating cookies this weekend.

cindy shake said...

Lovely new pieces! I suppose only one piece to sacrifice isn't too bad....but still you want to say "what the $%&*!" Oh, yeah it's clay... ;o)

deanandmartinpottery said...

The pots look great and just in time for the folks coming out this weekend. Wishing ya'll a great SKO. Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

hi meredith, looks like a bunch of good stuff, good luck with the event... sounds like it will be fun. i love the lidded jar on the far left and sofia likes the third one over (she said she likes the striped knob on the lid). the giraffes came out nicely too. have fun!