Friday, May 28, 2010

The best of plans

We really tried to get it all finished yesterday.
We had left some things undone with our quick trip happening.
We still had to clean all the kiln shelves abut 20 plus, make wadding, cone plaques, wash some of the furniture and wait on a customer or two and eat lunch.
You get the picture.
At 2:30 I just looked at Mark after the back stack was in and said, that is it. I need a break.
I am still recovering from all the fun we had last week!
So instead of working we watched a movie and just relaxed.
This birthing babies thing is hard on the grandparents as well as the parents!
So, today we will load up the other two stacks.
I have tiles ready to carve and cone 6 stuff to glaze up.
No rest for the wicked in this household.
Well, maybe some rest yesterday with the movie.

BTW we had to go to YNot Pizza for dinner one night while we were in Norfolk.
I mean come on Whynot Potters at YNot pizza seemed a perfect fit.
We left our business card with the tip and on the table.
It was the one thing we did for ourselves while we were there. We would help where ever we could and then we would go out and have a glass of wine or a beer and order up something to eat.
It is the best part about being in the city. You know you can food an any corner.
I grew up in the Ghent area of Norfolk when it was run down and a bit on the seedy side.
Now there are serveral blocks of shopping and places to eat.
Just pick one, they are all good, we tried serveral this trip.
Tomorrow I will tell you about the aventure we had in one.
So come on over and let's load up that kiln.


Linda Starr said...

Resting is big on my list nowadays. For a minute when I saw the Ynot I thought it was advertising for your pottery and then I read below, ha. Take er easy.

Tracey Broome said...

Just wait until you are babysitting a two year old! My mom used to be worn out when I would come to pick Wes up after a stay with Grandma. I know you are waiting for her visit already. Maybe she can roll around in a barrel while she's there haha!

Kim Hines said...

oh, Ghent was a great place to go have fun! I used to live not far from ODU. and YNot Pizza, MMMMmmmm :)

Mary Holmes said...

Best of luck with the firing

Shortstuff said...

I'd love to come bring my two left feet to your kiln loading, but not so sure you want me there! I'll have to try YNot next time I'm home.

T.Gray said...
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T.Gray said...

that is just way cool. was the pie fit to eat?