Sunday, May 9, 2010

The month of May

My mother- Happy Mother's day

My husband- Happy Anniversary- 38 years and you can still buy me with wine and dinner.
Thanks for driving!
My daughter- soon to be a mother herself- a favorite picture- her High School graduation.
Mark and Joel our oldest.

Our kids......

May is a big month for us- Happy Mother's day, Happy Anniversary.
Happy Birthday Louise- Mark's mother.
Happy Birthday Joel.
And soon Happy Birthday Ms. Baby girl Green... soon.


Tracey Broome said...

Boy, you guys all look alike! Lovely photo of your mom, I have a similar one of my mom. My 25th is coming up June 1. Nice to be with the same guy for so long isn't it?! Great pics!!!

Hollis Engley said...

that's a great look at the family, Meredith. Lucky you.

Anonymous said...

hi meredith, it's great to see the whole family and generations of mothers. your daughter's favorite pic is a good one, you can see the connection between the two of you. and another girl to the mix soon. hope your mother's day was a good one

Laurie said...

That's a lot of happy!