Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Sunday gone good

Sundays are one of those days where a person just needs a little family time.
I spent the morning chatting away with our daughter about "baby watch."
Mark has plans to pack a bag and be there as fast as he safely can get up the road.
All is well and they are counting down the days.
Excitement is in the air.

May is a big month for us.
Mark and I married in May.
Our son was born in May.
Joel and Katie married last May and now we are looking forward to a new May baby.

We went over and met Joel and Katie for lunch in Pittsboro where I received an early Mother's Day card and was trated to a nice lunch.
Our kids are only 18 months apart and Anna use to make sure she bought a card and got her brother to sign it.
She even did this when he was in the army.
Today I got a card from Joel- (thanks Katie!)
I have others from him and I think the last one I got from him was in crayon.
I use to tell my kids what my mother told me, "Love me every day, not just one day of the year."
I did not understand this as a kid but as I raised mine I understood it very well.
Love and respect for one another goes a long ways.
My kids are the type of people I would have dinner and drinks with anyday.
Good people.
It was great to have a slice of family time- much needed! 

Then as we drove home my heart turned to May strawberries.
When May rolls in it is all I can think of, when to get them, how many to buy and how many jars of jam to make.
The one thing for certain is that store bought jam just does not compare to homemade.
They can put all kinds of things in the jam and yet all I add is sugar and lemon and cook the heck out of them  until they give it up and come to jam.
Round one is done and it is ready for the freezer.
I hope your Sunday was as jamming good as mine!


Tracey Broome said...

Talk about mouth watering! I love homemade strawberry jam like nothing else. And my mother in law used to make me pear preserves for Christmas every year, but she isn't quite in her right mind these days, so no more of them for me I'm afraid :(
I'm with you, I have the kind of kid that I like to hang out with and have drinks with (I drink, she drives ha!)

ang said...

yeh ditto! yum...

T.Gray said...

Slate and I have yet to enjoy a glass of wine together :-) The jam looks tasty! Whenever ours come in we're gonna invite my step mom to spend the season with us, however long the season lasts.

Shortstuff said...

Yum. Jam. I have plans to try to make some of my own. After finding HFCS in everything on the store shelves it's time to start canning again. Thanks for the incentive!

Linda Starr said...

Oh those strawberries look delicious, great to hear about your family Sunday.

Anonymous said...

hi meredith, i like your comments about your kids... i hope i succeed in this area as well. i already like to have drinks with her but i'm having brews and she's sippin' water through a straw. that strawberry jam looks yummerfic!

Annapants! said...