Sunday, June 27, 2010


Many people look at Sunday as the end of the week.
Others look at Sunday as the start of a new week.
I am one of those who look at it as the end of the week.
I like Sundays, if for no other reason then it gives me a full day to do nothing.
Or it gives me a full day to chip away at all those things I put off during the week.
Since Mark and I have a full time business here Sundays can be one of the few days we can spend some time doing something that might not be business related.

Whoa- you are thinking- how do they stay married for all those years, work together and want to spend time together.
Whoa - I say back - crazy huh?

Now on to some of the hard parts.
If you came here for your fun and to see what great lives we have now is the time to go elsewhere.
I talked with Brother Jay yesterday.
He is home and doing as well as he possible can.
He has been back into the hospital for another round of "hydration".
His body has to adjust to all the things the doctors had to do to bypass the small bowel.
He no longer gets nutrition from food but through an IV feeding tube.
Through this all his family is staying strong and folks are visiting.
We are planning to go soon.

If you are inclined to keep up with him stop over at his blog and post up a comment of encouragement.
The next several months promise to be hard ones.
So hey- go hug a loved one- tell someone you care about them.
Be kind- be generous, be there for others.

So as I wrap up this week and look into the weeks coming I hope to be able to hold my own as well as brother Jay- he is an example to us all.



Linda Starr said...

Yes Jay is truly an example to all of us, I'm thinking of Jay, you, and all your family this morning.

Tracey Broome said...

So sad that Jay can't be eating some of the good summer vegetables that are coming in.This morning while the kiln is firing, Wes and I canned 10 lbs. of tomatoes, froze 12 ears of corn and some green beans and made some home made granola Starting to store for the winter! I love Sundays, great excuse to do out of the ordinary things. I told Wes that I didn't think God would mind that we weren't in church, since we were putting away wonderful veggies that we were very thankful for :)

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Linda and thanks for posting him a note!
Tracey- god loves fresh veggies and wants you to have a pantry full! Can away!

Shortstuff said...

Your computer is rejecting my comments. Saw Jay over the weekend and he's looking good.

cookingwithgas said...

Hey SS- good- I wanted to talk with you.
Let me know when you are home!
It might be storms between you and me....

Patricia Griffin said...

Peace to you Meredith. Hope Jay's days are filled with loving family and friends.