Thursday, June 17, 2010

We are those people

We are those people that when we watch a movie or some TV we are always looking in the background at the pots.
Yep, forget the plot if there is a good pot in the background.
Did you see that vase! Back it up and we look again.
Gee, if that guy would move we could see it better.
If it is clay it has our attention.
The other thing that grabs my attention is details, or lack of details.
I am watching a guy in a scenic eat something; let's say pie.
He takes a bite of the pie and then they pan away.
They come back and he has a whole slice sitting there.
They pan away and come back and the plate is empty, then away and the pie is back.
Drives me insane.
I want that job.
So we are watching some movie the other night and Mark spots this lamp in the background.
And it just has to come out of his head.
It's like having a tune rolling around- you have to get it out.

So he does put his own spin on the lamp with some carving and stamping.

 Pretty nice if you ask me!

I am busy carving away on the tile backsplash.
I thought I would just show you my "carving station".

The blocks of wood help me gauge the depth as does the bar across the top.

This piece of bamboo is what I use to gauge the depth for the inside areas.
Hey- this is not rocket science!
It's that detail thing!


Linda Starr said...

Wow, your carving is intense. I love ceramic lamps, I remember seeing lots of them in the 60s and 70s and then the handmade ones sort of disappeared. good for you both for reviving them.

ang said...

hehehe good one, i think we see things in such detail that we're always looking around the obvious to see whats going on around us!! so you want to be the continuity your setup for the tiles..

FetishGhost said...

Lamps, lamps, lamps... All of a sudden it's all about lamps! Aghhhhh! (that's another story though...)

Michèle Hastings said...

yeah...jeff and i do the same thing with pots in movies... and then there is antiques roadshow on PBS... when someone brings pottery we get all excited!

Kim Hines said...

meredith i do the same thing when watching movies/tv, drives my husband crazy! i just can't help myself. he's one to talk though, he's an industrial plumber, can't go out to eat or to a store w/o him staring up into the rafters and checking out the pipes. i've even seen him whip out his camera and take a picture of some pipe configuration or a public toilet. crazy man.

i've been thinking about making lamps lately too. though i doubt they'd come even close to what mark's done. are all us potters tuned into the same thought waves??

can't wait to see that backsplash completed. :)

cookingwithgas said...

glad to see we are not alone in this.
Lamps- we have always made lamps in some shape or form. It is a great item. I love seeing a handmade lamp in someones home.
My mother has a great pair she bought with green stamps! I am sure they were made in Japan, but they are tall bottles with a beautiful green glaze.
Kim-funny! We take apart the inside of buildings as well.
It comes from living with someone who builds.

Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

Love the lamp. Can't wait to see it completed.

Michael Mahan said...

Is that beautiful lamp one piece or two? I'm inspired by it to create something large along similar lines out of two or more pieces, using what I've learned (and am still learning) while making these foot-soaking bowls. But it may have to wait until I am through with this order.

MH said...

three pieces Mike. the top piece is just a cap. this one's not all that big - maybe 16". I use no water in my joining slip- all vinegar and corn syrup. Smells great in the early stages of bisque firing.....

acte gratuit said...

I wish I could make the clay look how I see it in my head! Maybe with a few (hundred) more years of practice!

Beautiful pieces!

First time commentor, Emily
FYI, I'm an in-over-my-head brand new Wheel and Handbuilding teacher on an Air Force base in Japan!

Anonymous said...

hi meredith, that job is called a continuity person and i've fantasized about having it too. i've seen compilations somewhere with tons of really bad ones and it's amazing that they get through although i think sometimes it happens after the fact and they can't afford to go back and reshoot. those are some very tiny feet on that cutie in the next post. i was at a friends the other night and he handed me 2 dvd's of videotapes (about 2 hours worth) he had taken of sofia from age 2 months to about 2 and 1/2 years because we didn't have a video camera. we had forgotten that the tapes were even shot. it was amazing to watch and i can't get over that it wasn't all that long ago. said...

wow amazing lamp it looks great, I've not really tried much clay carving. I really love its shape very pleasing.