Saturday, July 10, 2010


My sister has been trying to get Mark and me to go to Maine with her for the last few summers.
Something always seemed to come up, but this time when she called we said- let's go.
We have been collecting miles on our credit card for a number years so we knew we had enough points for two tickets.
We wanted to do this on a shoestring because, let's face it, things are tight for us all right now.
So with free tickets and a free place to stay we each packed one carry on bag.
If it would not go in the bag it could not go.
I surprised myself by getting everything I needed in a backpack that weight 12 pounds.
It is a wonder what you can a.-live without and b.- do without if you really want to go somewhere and travel light.

We flew out of Raleigh to DC and on to Portland.
My sister picked us up with Lobster rolls in the cooler!
We headed up to the cabin and the first thing we did was take a dip in the lake.
With temperatures in the 90's the water was perfect.

We made a side trip over to New Hampshire and up Mt.Washington 
My sister talked us into paying for the tour and letting someone else drive us up and back.
We have been up many mountains before and I really didn't understand why we could not drive it our selves. She keep saying trust me- let some one else drive this for you.
Well- she was right- it was amazing and worth the price to have someone else drive.
I was amazed at the changes as we drove up to the top.
We went from heavy vegetation, to smaller and smaller vegetation.
Until we reached the top which was just rocks and grass.
The trees, right before the top, are the size of bonsai trees they are small- but some are 100 years old.
The higher we went the harder it is for things to grow.

There is an old lodge at the top that is now a small museum.
In the "old "days you could have gone up there and stayed over.
There was a small entry way one lager room for eating and then a hallway with bunk-beds stacked  three high.
All the comforts of home!
The weather there is so wacky it is not unusual to have winter winds of 100 to130 miles an hour.
The hardest recorded wind was 231 miles an hour!
I am such a wimp all I could think of was, not me!
I keep thinking about those people who looked up and thought,"we just have to get up there."
Not me, I would have been the one at home tending the fires.

But- you can see we found a couple of great jugs to look at. In fact with no one to tell us we couldn't we did pick them up and take a good look at them.....just moving the dust around a bit.

And-what would  Maine be without the Seafood, scallops, clams,shrimp and ,of course, Lobster !
Made me think I might have to go visit Hollis next! I hear the Seafood there is pretty darn good as well.

It was great to go, relax and just kick back.
With Sunday being tomorrow I might just finish reading my book and catch up on my blog reading before I have to get back to work on Monday.

Cheers all!


Linda Starr said...

Oh wow, how idyllic and wonderful, great photos, and what a great sister too. Gary's family is from New Hampshire and we are hoping to go up there in September if all works out ok.

Michael Mahan said...

I want to be there right now.

Peter said...

Good that you have been able to have a little holiday away from the studio. Maine sounds a great place to visit.
(I think you should visit Holis, he does make seafood sound good!). Those are lovely jugs at the museum on the mountain. 231 miles per hour wind is mind boggling really. I must have a look at Mt Washington on Google Earth. I frequently use it to catch up on where people who blog come from. It is fascinating being able to travel the world so easily! Hope sales pick up for you soon. Things are quite tough here too at the moment, but the sun is out today.. and I've just sold a pot... which really helps!

Peter said...

Opps, sorry Hollis, I meant to put in both ls in your name and one missed out! P.

cookingwithgas said...

Linda it was and you have to go to New Hampshire- worth the trip.
MM- I know- it was great-
Peter- I hope one day you get to the states and travel around.
We too love goggle earth-Mark spend hours there for the same reason.

Patricia Griffin said...

What a wonderful trip. Beautiful shot of the lake with the kayaks ready for a dip. Glad you got a little R & R time!

Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

Gorgeous views!

Tracey Broome said...

I love Maine, once upon a time, long long ago, I worked for Old Town Canoe for a couple of years and had so much fun going up to Old Town Maine for sales meetings. They really showed us a good time! Glad you were able to get away for some fun, sorry I couldn't come down and help out! Love that shot of the lake, when the weather gets cold and nasty around here just pull up that photo for a quick smile!

cookingwithgas said...

Thanks guys!
But Tracey when did you work for Old Time Canoe and was it in Greensboro or somewhere else?
We bought two canoes from them a long time back now- and since the trip we are thinking Kayaks!
We could use them here on a our pond.

Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

My sister's in-laws have a cabin on Lake Sebago and she invited my and our other sister for a weekend there last year. It was so gorgeous and quiet and so much fun. Glad you had a good time.

ang said...

wow what a great break can't believe you manage with one small bag!!...

Hollis Engley said...

Maine's a great place, Meredith. But feel free to put Cape Cod on your list. We've got room. And no doubt we could find some lobsters.

cookingwithgas said...


Anonymous said...

i am so envious. i went to maine years and years ago and it still ranks as one of the best vacations ever. we didn't know anyone there and went to acadia. i was swept away by the weather and the ocean. been meaning to go back ever since. glad you had a good time.