Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Someone was working...

It seems that one of us was working as I sat on ice and heat last week.
I called about x-rays yesterday and there are no fracture.
Good news there.
But it is still slow going with the back, I can feel it is better then it was last week and I  have more movement.
I did ask them if there is anything I should do differently yet- no was the answer.
So how do I tell Mark I should become a Poodle on a pillow?
That I should just sit around on ice or heat and take pain pills-all day.
Hum, for some of you this might sound great, for me- it sounds like hell.
I was done on day two.
I like about 2 days of nothing then I am itching to do something.

Mark is glazing the crown pots for the gas kiln.

I did get myself set up where I can sit at my wheel and do some glazing on tiles.
I mean once I am there all I have to lift is my arm.
It keeps me out of the bars.....

Today I plan to do a little without overdoing it .
I still think some moving around is better then just languishing away on a pillow.

another tree sent by my sister Leslie.
You have to love this one too- look at all those twist and turns the roots have taken.
It's a bit like life don't you think.

Off to the studio today- baby steps.
I did get Mark to bring out a stool with a back on it. I put a board behind me, a towel and can slip my ice or heat against my back while I am working on tiles.
Hum- gives new meaning to my Poodle on a pillow.
( just so you know- I do like dogs!)
Cheers- now go make pots!


Linda Starr said...

I think that's your most beautiful tile yet, I can't wait to see it fired. Sitting around is much harding than working, I can attest to that.

Judy Shreve said...

I agree it is so hard to just do nothing -- but kudos to you for taking the doctor's advice. It means you'll probably heal much sooner!

I love these trees -- amazing!

Tracey Broome said...

I agree with Linda, that is a beautiful tile! I was a poodle on a pillow with the chigger bites last week, drove me mad! I really should have just come down there and camped out with the pain pills and the other poodle:) I do think moving around is much more helpful, strengthen the muscles.

Laurie said...

Hooray for baby steps! J just called, & is in a ditch (he & car are fine). Oh, those twists & turns of life!

Patricia Griffin said...

I wish poodles really did spend more time on pillows! It's a myth. Sometimes we feel like drugging ours.... Champ and Mae are giving you a big shout-out at PatriciaGriffinStudio.com.

Actually, Champ pulled my bottle of Vit D of the kitchen counter yesterday, OPENED the bottle, and was sitting on his pillow with them all over him when I went to investigate the odd crunching, popping sound coming from the living room. He did that all within something like 15 minutes. (If he actually ingested any of them, it didn't seem to do him any harm.)

May you soon have the energy of our dynamic duo!

cookingwithgas said...

Thanks PG for the morning laugh!
I really thought of you when I posted this knowing you have those gorgeous poodles- they put me to shame! I can't compete- I just like the way it soumds.
Maybe I should have used Pomeranian- just did not have the same ring.
And I bet that come back to bite me as well!

Jen Mecca said...

What a nice, clean studio you have. That tile was pretty awesome too!

littlewrenpottery.co.uk said...

Lovely work, hope you back gets better soon. Sometimes I think being mobile and exercising it can help with pain and stiffness. Best of luck.

Hannah said...

Blimey that's one determined tree.
I agree a little movement is most definitly better than none at all. Just gently gently. Ha, hear me, I should listen to myself there.