Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's all in the company we keep

Mark and I took a little drive on Sunday to spend some time with my brother Jay, his wife Leslie and meet the new addition to his family Jax.
Jax is a bundle of joy and energy bouncing all over the house and making sure that the cats and all his people are in order.
We enjoyed traveling up on Sunday and being gulped up by the Blue Ridge mountains.
To get to my brothers we have to first get I-77, a trip on its own from our house.
I don't know if you have ever heard the expression, " you just can't get there from here."
But- my brother and I both live in areas where this rings true.
Once on I-77 we have to go and touch the edges of West Virginia and turn left to hear back into the depths of the Virginia mountains to find him.
Riding up early on Sunday morning made for a scenic drive.
Once we got there we were greeted by Jax, the family dog.
Spending time with my brother is always a treat and getting to talk about old NC pottery and have him show me some examples of work made by the potters of our youth are something I treasure. I learn something new every time.
He has collected some fine examples of Philmore Graves pieces and it was a treat to see them in person.

While we were there we took a swing around to his law office, he is a lawyer by trade.
I know all the lawyer jokes and I am sure you do too- so save them for later.
When I walked in his office I thought- "who would not trust a lawyer who displayed these in his office"?
It would put me right at ease to be among such good company as this.

Some great CC Cole's Pottery.
Look at those glazes- bring back the lead!

From  the JB Cole family.
Look at the handles on these-especially the one that seems to be from the hear no evil series.
The small three handled piece in the front is a Nell Cole Graves wife of Phil Graves.
That little pot just fit in my hand and the handles...sweet!

Pink! or maybe I should say rose...

and like I said, "it's all in the company you keep."
I turned around and found a shelf of my bottles, a slat glazed tea bowl of Mark's and an egg vase in the left hand corner.
I felt pretty good to see myself being displayed along with some of the old Masters.
 Then I spotted one of Mark's vases behind my brother's chair.

There have been several post about supporting art and artist.
This is a fine example of someone who cares enough not only to buy art but share it with others.
I hope that the people who walk into his office found some comfort in the beauty of the work.
I know I did.
There is nothing better then to deck your work office out with pottery or any art.

 A super nice bottle of Mark's over on Jay's left.

And last but not least the boss of the office and house Jax.
How could you not love this face?!!
We are back in NC and back to work tomorrow.
With a little PT thrown in for good measure.


Patricia Griffin said...

All that pottery... and a pup... That sure would make me feel more relaxed in anyone's office.

Shortstuff said...

Glad you made it up there. Jay looks good. Love all the pots and homey touches in the offices. I noticed the picture of Lib and Pop in the background.

Tracey Broome said...

OMG! Is that not the cutest dog ever!!
I think I might have a piece of CC Cole's pottery(it is a very colorfully glazed pitcher like the ones in your photo) from my grandmother, who loved to go to the Cole potteries and she took me along many times. I would say that Jay has really good taste!

Linda Starr said...

I love the way Jay has the pottery grouped, he has a nice collection, the multicolored ones are super cool, I've never seen those in person, and that fan shaped vase calls to me, turqouise is one of my favorite colors, and the rose color, wow, very unusual. Cute lap dog.

I've always lived way out and this is the first time I have ever lived close to a city, it's kind of nice, but still I like living way out, just not practical with fuel prices the way they are, but I am missing living in a private spot in the mountains.

Gary's third pottery blog said...


cookingwithgas said...

see i like dogs... especially cute, bouncy ones!
Yes- it was a nice trip and always fun to see good pots!

jeannette said...

Uh, I have to say, I never saw a lawyer's office like that:)

ang said...

wow look and colour coded too i would be soooo tempted to mix them all up!! ha :))