Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The before

Yesterday was another long day as we made the decision to keep pushing through and get the kiln loaded (feel the burn....).
Today I am feeling that push with some tightness in my back and right shoulder ( work with me- feel the burn).
Remember how you could get up and push all day and then get up and do it again?
Yea, me too.
Now I am thinking- this pottery making is not for sissies.
Mark is out there firing, just a little windy, but I think we will made it through.
Yesterday while we were loading-no wind. Isn't that just the way things go?

And I am out of black ink again.... just a few more pages to print and the black is out.
Oh, I pushed it past its limits and now it wants to look like ghost writing.
you know the story - one more page you think as you ignore the low ink warring.
Just one more page you think as you ignore the NO ink warning.
And then you look at a page and think- darn you!
You 20 minutes away to the ink store and 20 minutes back- Just darn you for not having bought two inks last time you were there.
Oh, well I have until Tuesday next week.
I will come up with a reason to '"go to town" soon.
Maybe I best check the beer situation in the house.
It use to be the main reason to go to town was we were either out of beer or cat food.
No cats any more.... the beer took over.

Here is a picture of one of the brother cats- Pudge  was his name because he loved to eat.
His best moments were standing guard over the food bowl.
He would take on any stray cat, opossum or raccoon just to keep them away from his bowl.

 His brother we called Rover because he loved to roam all over the farm.

Which is why I don't have a picture of him- but you can just imagine a tad bigger and a white dot out in the fields.He was the mighty hunter.
Rover lived to be 13 Pudge made it to 15 and our female cat of no relation to the boys made it to 22.
What were we talking about - long day like I say.
Let's go check the beer...



I love reading your blog, because you write exactly what you are thinking...just like having a live conversation with a friend about their day. :)

When I run out of ink, it completely derails my train. I can't quite seem to get back on the printing track. This is why, despite the fact that I have a perfectly good printer that can print lovely photos, I still send my pictures to Walmart to print and then pick them up.

What lovely cats!

Laurie said...

I guess my Famata is the equivalent to your Pudge :o) Dang, it's hot for late Sept.! Can't take the camper very long before I've got to come in & cool off! Beer... that would be nice about now. Better not, as that would derail my purging efforts for sure!

Ron said...

Hope that firing goes well.

Linda Starr said...

I tried to print some new business cards before we left and they are black and white and I wanted color. want to trade?

Hope your firing goes well.

We're on our way and with our cats, hope to see you soon, we're in Georgia.

Thank goodness we brought wine with us.

cookingwithgas said...

thanks guys!!!
Linda- Georgia!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shortstuff said...

I've taken to ordering ink online at I can find it cheaper. I may have to buy three cartridges at once, but then I'm stocked up for the long term. Plus, the ink comes to me rather than me going to it. Now, there is that beer issue to deal with...

Gary's third pottery blog said...

dang, you sure do get a lot of pots into the kiln!

Kings Creek Pottery said...

Yup, had to change my ink this a.m. and thankfully had one. I buy from Staples- they deliver and have a business reward program. Once in a while they send me a $20 credit toward any purchase. Oh, and deliver practically overnight!

Love the cat photos. We lost our best barn hunter in August, Gus. The mice have been if I could get mouse traps delivered I'd be in nirvana!!! said...

Beautiful snowy white cat very cute! I tend to get stiff shoulders but not from activity it tends to be tension. Find someone nice to give your shoulders a rub : )