Friday, October 8, 2010


Every year I look at the pods of the Trumpet Vine and think there should be a way to cast these and make a necklace out of the pods.
I always pick a few and look at them over and over again before I walk away or toss them aside.
How do you reproduce something that nature does so well?
There are potters who have the ability do do such things and I always envied their ability to get the idea from their head to their hands and to the finished item.
Then you can hold and turn in your hands and look with wonder.
Gee, I wonder how they.....

I am back in the studio after a break in the work cycle with all the goings and comings and the show.
It was wonderful and I am ready for a bit of clay.
Yesterday their was something waiting for me at every turn.
Plates to trim, bowls to fix, jars to finish and tiles to carve.
Bisque to unload and earrings to finish.
Me thinks the elves were sleeping on the job.
Then again how can I complain when I get to wake up and walk across my yard to go to work?

And I get to look at this.....

So inspiration.
There is plenty there I just need to look.


Linda Starr said...

Yeah, there's something to be said for walking out your front door to work. Have a good one.

Shortstuff said...

I like the view out the window to the pond. So peaceful.

Patricia Griffin said...

You live in a beautiful place. Me too. We're so lucky. I can't imagine living in the middle of a big city any more... I also returned to my studio yesterday after a too-long absence. Unfortunately, no elves were busy at my place while I was gone. Dang it!

Hollis Engley said...

I unloaded a bisque kiln yesterday, which is as much as I've been able to do in the studio. Maybe this afternoon ... And yes, isn't it good to live in a place you like and which inspires you?

Anna said...

Nothing like being surrounded by beauty!

Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

I think Mother Nature does it better than any of us ever could.