Friday, October 1, 2010

No more nibbles let's just eat this thing!

Ready set- action!
How could it be possible that all those months ago I thought I should ask other clay makers, who blog, to join me in this show.
Why not  I asked myself and since we are Whynot Pottery- well heck- Why Not!
I started slow with the thought just rolling around in my head.
Then when I released it it felt like a run away snow ball gathering strength as it roll away with me running behind.
I don't regret it.
It has been an amazing journey as I have worked with and meet some truly wonderful, smart, thoughtful and creative potters/clay makers.
Because I did not chose everyone in the show I really did not know how this would work out.
I had potters I invited invite a blogger they read and enjoy.
What I found over the months was an extremely cooperative group of potters to work with.
(And people say we are or can be hard to work with and forget deadlines and don't follow through.)
There was a tremendous amounts of effort put in by all to pull this off.

In the past few weeks pottery has been shipped in or delivered from Seagrove, Burnsville, Bakersville, Black Mountain, Asheville and  Chapel Hill North Carolina.
York, South Carolina
Fredericksburg, Virginia
Rumson, New Jersey
Trumansburg and Ithaca New York
East Falmouth, Massachusetts
Ocala, Florida
Lecanto, Florida
Johns Creek, Georgia
Granada, Spain
Anchorage, Alaska
Brisbane, Australia
Abilene, Texas
Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Louisville Kentucky
Mountain West Utah
Berkley, California
Cambria, California
Stockton, California
Saskatoon, Canada
Castle Douglas, United Kingdom
Devon, United Kingdom
Ilminster,  United Kingdom
Otago,New Zealand
The pottery has all been unpacked and the show set.
The food, beer and wine readied 
All I hope for now are people to come through and view the show.
 I want to see them handle some pots and hopefully take some home to live with.
It is really why we do this.
We all make work to be used and enjoyed.
So, if you are around, dropping through, in the neighborhood and are that person- stop in and see the show.
You will not be disappointed.
See you there!

Mark Heywood-Teapot in the online gallery



Linda Starr said...

Thanks for all you've done and for the opportunity to be in the show, looking forward to tonight.

cookingwithgas said...

see you there Linda!
And we have had such fun with you and Gary this past week!

Tracey Broome said...

and you did it all with style and grace girl!! thanks for being a cheerleader for all of us, you took on a giant!!! I woke up with butterflies this morning, can't wait to see the show. See ya in a few hours!!! Save a beer for me....

cookingwithgas said...

thanks Tracey!
There will be one waiting!

FetishGhost said...

Great job!
Bet you are already thinking about the next one eh?

Cindy Shake said...

CHEERS Meredith!!! I want Linda to give you a big hug from me because I know she's there ;o) and let's give Tracey a hug too! WOW, what an incredible Show you put together -I cannot believe the time is here -you must be sooooo relieved ;o) and be sure to get someone to be your designated driver!! xoxo

Gary's third pottery blog said...

thank YOU!


thank you for all of your hard work on our behalf, Meredith! I wish I could be there. :)

Hannah said...

Meredith you are a marvel! Well done you. I hope you manage to relax and enjoy the opening. We are all there in spirit if not in body. I hope the show is a blinder.

Best wishes and very many thanks,

ang said...

a elbow lift from adelaide, cheers ang :))