Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A whirlwind of activity

I am still "in" recovery mode. The past few weeks with the deadline on the Clay and Blogs show just about put me under the bus.
But- big but---- BUT all things considered it went real well.
As you can see from the potters who posted pictures we had a great turn out for the opening.
Red dots appeared here and there with some folks standing guard as their spouse went in search of the person with the power of the dots.
We started the week off before the opening with our friends Linda and Gary Starr.
They drove all the way fro Florida to be here.
The Starr's' took advantage of their time by going out to the potters, the NC Zoo, attending a lunch and learn with Ron Philbeck and going to see Tracey over in Chapel Hill.
They are working their way back home, but not before leaving Mark and I with this fun vase of Linda's, which is sitting on the mantel nestled between 3 old bottles from JB Cole on one side and two Donna Craven on the other side.
Thanks Linda!

We also could not resist this tea bowl from the show.
I picked it up.
Walked away.
Mark picked it up walked away.
I picked it up- he took it from me and then I said- you better go find a dot.
Now let's see who gets to use it first when we get it home!
We might have to find some more to add to this one!

After the opening I rode back to our house with Hollis and Dee.
Which was a good thing- we live way out in the middle of nowhere and finding it in the dark can be tricky.
On Saturday I spent some time "dragging" Hollis and Dee to the potteries.
I picked folks that were firing kilns if I could.
It was fun to get out and see the potters and a great time to visit.
There were many wood kilns going last week.
I have to tell you this whole thing was fun.
It was a pleasure to have worked with all the potters.
A pleasure to have had the chance to know many better.
And a real pleasure to see the pots.
Thank you all!
But a big old Thank you to this guy- he truly has always had my back.


Linda Starr said...

Good to have someone at your back and good potter friends too, thanks Meredith and Mark. I put a few red dots too, waiting to get home to post them.

Tracey Broome said...

That "guy" you are with is the cutest thing! We both apparently have good pickers ( a friend of mine who has been married 4 times once told me that she just had a broken picker!)
Thanks for all you did, I had such a great time meeting everyone. I'll have to bring your cup's sister bowls down for a visit one day! You guys should take off for the Mts for a few days to recover! Looks like the leaves are worth a view right now.

Shortstuff said...

It was a fun weekend. Still working on editing the video. Mark insists he doesn't want his eyeball in the first one.
You did pick a GREAT one. Love that b-i-l of mine!

Hollis Engley said...

Good-looking pair of potters there. Everyone who sees the blog ought to go buy pots from them.

MH said...

as long as I'm able I always will...

Cindy Shake said...

Great job Meredith :o) I've so enjoyed seeing all of the photos on everyone's blogs!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

and thanks once again :)

ang said...

yeh nice one and what a brilliant job you did a super big thank you!!!

cookingwithgas said...

but thank you all! I could not have pulled this off without a bit of help!

FetishGhost said...

I can see the pride in your eyes of a job not only done, but well done.

Laurie said...

Yeah, I reckon that Mark's a keeper! Of course, you are too!

Hannah said...

It sounds just brilliant Meredith. I'm really enjoying all the photos on the various blogs.

Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

All your hard work paid off! It was a great show!