Friday, November 26, 2010

It's true it's all true

For many years we worked on Thanksgiving day.
We were either firing a kiln, unloading a kiln or glazing.
We also hosted many gatherings here with family and friends.
Now that the kids are married they are off to see the in-laws, our mothers no longer travel and friends have drifted off to other obligations.
Last year we were invited off.
This year we opted for a really nice dinner out.
We had a 4 pm seating- I know sounds late and yet early all at the same time.
Late if you eat your turkey at noon- early if you eat at 7.
Being the ever thrifty folks that we are we thought we would hit the grocery store for a shopping trip before we ate.
We walked in to a store at 1:55 to be told, we close at 2.
We ended up heading out looking for another open store.
We were most of the way through when they said- we close at 3-
pack it all up and get the heck out!
We did do some fancy stepping and got out of  there.
We did a quick and I mean quick stop at Wally word who is open even if the bombs were dropping- but in and out in 10 minutes.
Then off we went still early for our seating.
But what better then a drink at the bar.
Divine to just sit there sipping some good wine.
We loved the place--- it was elegant and just right in the service department.
We had some mussels in a wine broth that were so good I wanted to just pick up the bowl and drink what was left.
We opted for bread and a spoon instead.
Mark went for salmon and I went for the Gnocchi with local veggies and local sausage.
We followed this all with a chocolate mousse- I serving two spoons.
It was a perfect way to spend the day even with the "fun" of finding out that it is true the stores are all closed on Thanksgiving or at least by 3.
So today is Black Friday.
Time to hit the mall for many folks.
Us- we will be right here open for business.
Come spend your day down in Seagrove.
We promise not to send you packing even if you are in our store at 5 because we close when you are finished shopping  not before.
Bring a list we have all day.
There is something here to fit your needs!
Inset picture of lovely pots here - because blogger is not working the picture department today.
They must be closed!


Linda Starr said...

Wish I was nearby I'd stop by, have a good one.

Tracey Broome said...

Sounds like you guys had the perfect day. That kind of day is coming soon for me. I am beat from the big to do here yesterday. I'm getting too old for this! We had a nice time except for my southern baptist preacher father in law telling me what a mess Obama has made of our country. I swear I think he does that just to watch my eyes roll to the back of my head!

Patricia Griffin said...

puuuurfect day! We're being different this year too... in San Francisco being tourists on Thanksgiving. It's strange and wonderful not to be in charge of a big to-do. When we get back down the coast to our town, I'll be hitting the ground running to get ready for open house night at my studio gallery... Hope "Black Friday" has 'em standing in line at your place to buy, buy, buy!

Judy Shreve said...

It does sound like yall had a wonderful day! We've done the touristy thing a couple of times & really enjoyed not having such a crazy holiday!

This year we turned down invitations & decided not to invite anyone to our house -- anti social - lol but we had such a wonderful low-key thanksgiving. It was just what we needed. We watched the parade, the movie "UP" and grilled a big fat hen.

Hope your weekend sales are great! It shouldn't be 'black' friday -- but "SHOP HOMEMADE" friday!

Shortstuff said...

Hey, That sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving meal. Bonus points for figuring out how to enjoy good eats and NO DISHES to wash. Enjoy your company and that little one especially.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

hey, hope twas a good black friday indeed :)

Anonymous said...

i had gnocchi for t-giving too. my sister made squash gnocchi with squash from her garden. of course, i was sick and hungover and had to drag myself to the table. that's one cute kid in the other post... love the big smile