Monday, November 8, 2010


Mark and I went over to Raleigh on Friday night and I presented a talk to the NC Potter's Collectors Guild.
It was a good crowd and I think I was well received.
I put together three different presentations.
The first was about Mark and I our how we became potters, our fire we went through and then into how this show came together- Clay and Blogs:Telling a Story.

Then the last thing I wanted to do was to present just a little about my brother Jay.
My brother Jay was to speak in this slot and talk about Phil Graves who was married to Nell Graves from the JB Cole's family.
I knew I could not present all his information as well as he could but I wanted them to see some of his pots he had collected and tell them a bit about him.

The best thing about blogger is his site should stay up on line- as things are now.

He wrote many articles on NC pottery and if you have not read them you should.
You can still comment even if he can not read them...

We all miss Jay in our own ways.
This weekend I thought about how he would call me on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon just to chat away an hour or three....

I know you are all busy but when you have some time go do a little reading.
I know you will enjoy it.

Our son and his wife live in Cary.
They were kind enough to come and listen to me talk and let us crash at their house for the night.
We had a great lunch on Saturday at a place called Saffron in Morrisville.
It sits in one of those blah type shopping- you could be anywhere in the world- centers.
But when you walk in the smells are as tasty as the food.
It was the best I have had in NC.
Then this weekend I tackle the piles around my desk.
You can even sit in the chair next to me now- so come on over.
Cheers for Monday!


Patricia Griffin said...

So cool that you could share your brother's knowledge with others. What a great way to keep him alive in your heart. I am intrigued by the pitcher in the first photo. Have a great week Meredith!

cookingwithgas said...

Hey- PG those were made in the 1960's- they have that modern look to them don't they.
They are pretty wonderful.

Anonymous said...

i'm impressed by your delivering 3 different talks. i'm afraid i would probably pass out or wet my pants in that situation. it's nice of you to take the reins from jay and continue his passion. the tiles in the last post are looking great

Hollis Engley said...

Hey there, Meredith. That sounds like a busy talk. But worth giving. And it's good to get away from home for a while, even if it's still in the same state.

Judy Shreve said...

I agree -- what a wonderful way to keep Jay in your heart -- and lead others to his passion. But really how did you keep all that straight! lol

Shortstuff said...

I'm on my way. Keep that chair cleared off.

Laurie said...

Good job tackling the paperwork! I can never seem to catch up on that chore.