Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Put those days down and walk slowly away.....

Some one and I am not naming any names, is taking days out of the week.
I just wish I could get them to stop.
This week we finished glazing the pots for the gas kiln.
That is always a long job and to top things off we took out Sunday to go and pack up the pots for the Clay and Blogs show.
Tracey, who is the best ever, meet us there for the pack up.
Thanks Tracey!
We packed up some for picking up, some for delivery and a few for shipping.
Then there are some that took exit right over to the gift shop of the Campbell House Gallery.
And in case you are in the area you can still see some of the work and take home a pot.
I have my eye on two I would like to bring home.
I have to pace myself.
I did - or I should say we did come home with a Brandon Phillips, a Zygote Blum and a Alex & Nancy Solla.
I bought a gift, which I can not tell you about since they read here....
But I think they will love it.
There is another gift there I am thinking about.
The director told me about one of our local pottery collectors who came in about 5 one evening and did some serious buying.
All in all I think the show went great and now I am working on  getting some slides together for a talk I will be doing about the show on Friday at  The North Carolina Pottery Collector's Guild. 
Mark has helped me sift through the pictures to bring the slide show down  from 15minutes to about 6 .
I put everyone in without overloading them with images.
If I can ever figure it out I will put it up someplace.

I am looking forward to this part of Sunday!

Then- late yesterday afternoon I unloaded the first firing of the back splash.
I was very pleased and will be out there loading up another kiln today to fire tomorrow.
I am like a cat on a griddle with this thing.
I need to get it all finished up.
So about that gas load- with the tiles, the talk - it will just wait until Sunday for loading and Monday for fire.
There I go taking more days out of the week.
Hey- it's me stealing those days!
I am going to have to have a long talk with me!

 Vase- Mark


Patricia Griffin said...

I know what you mean about vanishing days... Time flies when you're having fun, eh?! Thanks again for all you did to produce the SHOW, a huge time-monster for you I'm sure. It was fun to be involved with all the pottery pals!

Tracey Broome said...

Yesterday didn't seem like it would ever end for me. Gerry was calling every other hour for moral support out there at the polls! Last week every day got swiped away, but this week is dragging along so far! I enjoyed helping out with the packing, let me know when round two comes up.

Shortstuff said...

Can't wait to see the backsplash. Post, please post!

Linda Starr said...

can't wait to see the backsplash either; good luck with the days; it seems the older I get the days get shorter and the weeks get shorter too.

ang said...

hey didnt time fly on that show!!! thanks sooo much for all the work you put in and your tireless printing!! I'm glad to hear there will be some extension to the show and yes i would dearly like another week in my week :))

cookingwithgas said...

Hey PG- for us we like to say- Time flies when you don't know what you are doing!

Second round of tiles are in the kiln and ready for firing...

Judy Shreve said...

Yeah I can't wait to see the backsplash either! Looking forward to those photos.

Time does fly & soon it will be the holidays! YIKES! This weekend we have two weddings to attend on the same day in two different cities -- about 2 1/2 hours apart. At least one is in the morning & one is in the evening.

And yes -- giant thanks for the Clay & Blog show!!

Cindy Shake said...

I just posted about mis-counting my days this week!! This was coming off of a short week (for me) because of school conferences last week. I'd be sooo nervous waiting for that incredible backsplash! Yes, and THANKS again for organizing such a wonderful Show -you really had a GREAT idea and the work gathered was incredible.

Hollis Engley said...

OK, Meredith, have I mentioned that I think you did a great job with the show? Yes ... I think I must have said that at some time. I'm glad some of the pots are going back into the gift shop for the nice folks of NC to have another shot at them. I got a check a couple of days ago for two bowls sold opening night. I do love seeing money in the mail. I'd love to hear your commentary on the slide show. We should drop by. said...

There just never seems to be enough hours in the day at the moment, I can sympathize with that. Hope your firing goes well!