Sunday, November 21, 2010

You will be happy to know there was no dancing

The celebration went off with out a hitch- or at least it did for us.
Mark was nervous when the band walked in- Jazz band- to play at the Friday night Gala and I looked over and said, " Hey that was one of the guys in my dream."
Mark was sure to note the fire Exit when we walked back to our booth.
This year we were close to where we set up last year but in a smaller booth space.
We lucked out that even with our 10x10 we had a corner.
I am not sure we were fully able to take advantage of the corner but it worked out well.
The sisters rolled in to help and you want these two on your team.
Not only do they come out to help they bring food.
No street food for the weekend we feasted on homemade pimento cheese and chicken salad.
Right across from us were Bruce and Samantha from Bulldog Pottery.
This vase on the end of their display looked like an eggplant to me.
It was stunning.

 Around the corner from me were a couple of my friends and fellow bloggers- Tom Gray and Chris Luther.
I caught them talking- maybe fishing stories?
Things looked pretty intense!

I did not take many good pictures this go round- maybe the light where we were set up, maybe just me.
But I did get this picture of a shopper in Tom's booth.
I kinda liked it.
This plate is from Westmoore Pottery.
This is the first year they have come out to the show.
I stopped in to talk with Mary and chat with her.
We met in 1978 not long after she and her husband opened Westmoore Pottery.
We know each others kids and it is always nice to see who is doing what and how all the kids are doing.
They make some beautiful slip ware, but this plate really called to me.
It was done by one of their sons.

I never did get a shot of our booth that I liked....
All in all it was a good weekend-
Attendance was down by about 400 people from last year.
Could have been the beautiful weather.
Warm weather does not make you think about Christmas shopping.
Although many of the buyers at the show were ticking off their list.
And many confessed they came to buy Christmas gifts but were buying for themselves.

Monday is a new day and after I get the shop back together I plan to get back to some clay work....


ang said...

well there's talent in that family :))

MH said...

uh...... I never saw the pimento cheese. Is there still some in the fridge???

cookingwithgas said...

MH- Yes- you better get it while you can!

Linda Starr said...

Sound like a fun weekend and all that jazz, I like the candid shots of all the pottery, your booth looks great.

Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

Did you ever follow up with the Jazz dude from your dream?

Sounds like a fun weekend.

Shortstuff said...

Who says there was no dancing? My inner child was boogying all weekend long. Didn't you see my slick moves?