Friday, December 3, 2010

Conversation on Etsy

 I have been following the conversations on setting up an Etsy shop on all my fellow blogger sites and some of the conversations were quite interesting and thoughtful.
Mark and I signed up for Etsy two years ago.
I made purchases but did not set up a shop.
Then last year I did and through no ones inexperience but mine felt even with two sales that I was not keyed into the way to promote or list the shop.
I pulled it down with the thoughts that I would give it some real time this month.
I set it back up and started listing pottery the day before all the conversations began.
I read with interest all the information and continued on with the shop.
I have it on my list today or tomorrow to add to it.

This morning I opened my mail to find a sale.
I will get this in the mail today and feel some success with the shop.
I can not be sure how the customer found us.
It could have been Etsy or the fact I have been posting the listings to our face book page.
Either way I feel a bit more confidence in the way I am handling the shop.
It does take time.
It does take thought.
And the plan is to put a bit more of both in while I have the time.

On the home front the wee Gas kiln Mark has been building is close to its first fire!
Now that is exciting and we hope to fire a bisque in it this week-end or early next week.

Cheers and Peace,


Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

Using Google Analytics or other site traffic software may give a little more insight into how the people who visit your shop find you. It will at least give you some better ideas about what keywords are effective for you. Etsy is what you make of it, so it does take some time. Congratulations on the sale. said...

Congratulations on the etsy sale! You can add extra fields to paypal checkout to ask customers how they heard about you.