Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not my job......

Gosh its cold!
Yes, you heard right I am complaining about the weather!
Today I started the day thinking I would finally get an all day in the studio.
I packed Mark off to go work on our friend's house, made a cup of tea, put a load of clothes in to wash and went off to get dressed.
Then I walked back into the laundry room to find the utility sink filling up with water and the floor just about covered.
Well, shoot ( this is the clean version...)
I starting throwing towels at the water and turned off the washer.
Water,water every where and dirt and you know all that stuff the dryer throws out behind and under the dryer and washer.
Yep, the dust bunnies the size of Texas.
All floating around.

I started working on getting the mess up and figuring out how best to remove all the water.
I found out the dryer was really pretty easy to move, unhook and unplug.
Then I could stand where the dryer goes and figure out what I was going to do with a washer full of wet clothes.
I called Mark who did tell me the pipe that the water needs to go out of must be frozen.
Okay- good I don't need a plumber.
Broom, mop, vacuum cleaner was a good start.
Then I thought why not get a 5 gal bucket and put the hose in it and let the washer spin out the water.
Yep- I filled the bucket and looked at all that good water and thought of the best use for it.
I moped the laundry room, kitchen, bedrooms, living room, foyer.
I filled the 5 gal. bucket 2 and 1/2 times.
Hated to see the water just tossed.
And you know the house needed a good mop down.
So the spinning into the bucket worked.
I then put the clothes in the dryer.
The pipe thawed out and I heard all the water go down the sink around noon.
 I did get out to the studio in the afternoon and roll out tiles.
So- hey- don't call me a plumber but I can solve a problem.
Now what will be in store for tomorrow?
View from the new kiln

the other view from the new kiln


ang said...

you know some days!!!!!!! bleeep!!! hope you get some good studio time in today then :)) gorgeous view too..

Tracey Broome said...

This cold weather blew in some gremlins I think, crazy stuff going on around here too! Love that new kiln, I gotta get me one of them!

Angels' Roost said...

Arrrrrg! I posted a long sympathetic blog having to do with your flooded floors, but by the time Google put me through bells and whistles, it was flat. Hope this goes through. I admire the hell out of your effort. 'Twer me, girl, I would have gone back to bed and pulled the covers over me and prayed for a knight in armour (it would not have to be shined) . If TKISA were not avalable, I would have demanded a prince (Well, my name IS ELIZABETH). Especially in this single digit weather. 5 inch ice on top of the horse trough. I think that on days like this, I put priority on warmth and well being, together with hot toddys (containing spiritus fermenti) and nibbles in the morning, we gals gather round the stove or the Wide TV , talk, giggle, gossip gently.

Laurie said...

Good job! I love how you turned around a less than stellar situation. The pic of the pond is awesome!

Peter said...

Your version of cleaning the house is taking things to the extreme! I guess that your wide range of skills and coping with any emergency just go to show that potters can do anything! Hey,that kiln looks marvellous, by-the-way! Good luck for your first firing.

cookingwithgas said...

Welcome Elizabeth and I know how blogger can eat a nice long post!
To all my other friends! It seems being past a certain age gives one strength and coping skills one did not have early in life!
It was a bleeping day- but not too bleeping bad since I have clean floors!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Well despite all that, I have to say its a heck of a view down toward your lake-pond!

Linda Starr said...

too much or none, either way water's a problem this week. Ugh

Anonymous said...

and here i thought i was the only one... our washing machine drains into a pipe that makes it's little el just outside the basement wall and this littl el freezes every winter and the drain overflows every winter and we have to sop up the mess every winter. can you tell we're not learning? beautiful view from the kiln

Judy Shreve said...

WOW -- what a wet day you had -- but the new kiln looks great and that view is amazing! Stay warm -- and dry!

Patricia Griffin said...

Superwoman for sure! Beautiful view.


Way to put all that water to good use! I'm tired just reading about your day...

We have problems with frozen laundry pipes in our old house too so I keep a space heater on in my laundry room on cold nights. It costs a little bit bit but its worth it not to have to clean up water...did it twice last year! Tuck!


That was supposed to be yuck! Typing is my archenemy! said...

Ah no! At least there was some good come of it. Its been really cold here too, its been -11 at night. So cold brrrr!

Michèle Hastings said...

yep...frozen laundry drain here too, along with the hot water line in the bathroom. thankfully my nearly new washer has a sensor that shuts off the pump if it doesn't drain. for once technology did it's job for me!

cindy shake said...

Like your new layout!! that view from the kiln is serene :o) We had our water line freeze to the washer because there was a hole between the wall logs on the side of the cabin -that would have been a mess if we hadn't discovered it!! would have ruined the downstairs apartment. we keep a wet/dry shop vac handy now and used a lamp(!) to unthaw the frozen copper pipe before it expanded and blew!