Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sister Lee

As many of you know my brother Jay passed away last October from cancer.
I have a hard time using the term battling because in a battle there are rules of engagement.
With cancer I have begun to believe it is a sneaky bastard who steals away your family members.
There are no rules you can not have a sit down.
Your people can not talk to their people.

So last fall not long after the passing of my brother my sister Lee began to talk about not feeling well.
Shortly after eating her stomach would bother her and she would feel nauseous.
The concern for her well being grew and I urged her to see the doctor.
I had just lost one sibling and did not want to lose another.
It has taken weeks of testing to find out that she too is suffering from cancer.

How can that be?
I am stunned beyond words.
This is so close to losing Jay how could this possible happen twice to us?
We don't know at this time how she will react from treatment  or if there is a course of treatment that she can take.
So my word of the day has become FU*K
Sometimes you just have to say FU*K because nothing else seems to carry the weight that this word does at this time.
And to top this off she is being sued.
Yes, sued by some one who's parents were squatters in a house my sister was selling over 17 years ago.
She is being sued to exposing this person to lead paint at the age of 3.
Good god people! My sister did not rent this house to her parents.
Her parents broke into Lee's house and lived there.
When it was discovered they were there they stole everything they could to sell.
The crazy thing about this is they will win a settlement off the insurance my sister had on the house back then.
You can not make this sh*t up.
So bear with me if I am a litle off.
I am trying to find my balance.

Cancer-FU*K YOU!

To top this off the insurance company will pay for her test but not her treatments.
I kid you not.


Becky said...

Meredith, I'm so sorry. :(

I do, however, love your attitude towards cancer. F-you, cancer. You suck... and lead paint boy, and insurance company. You guys suck too.


Anna said...

I am SO sorry. Stay strong. F*ck is the word and there is nothing wrong with THAT. Thinking of you and your family.

Tracey Broome said...

Lee is so beautiful, and look at that strong spirit in her eyes! She can fight this with a big finger to cancer and this fucked up world we are living in. WHAT is wrong with this world?! Where did kindness go? and common sense! I'm glad you were finally able to write about this, the bloggers out there are such a great big support group and we all got your back! xoxo

cindy shake said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Meredith. I cannot believe she is being SUED after the fact and when she was the victim -well I can believe it, because we are living in a litigious society and insurance company's are at the core of this sickness.

Hollis Engley said...

I'm glad you got it out there, Meredith. We're all with you and Lee and Mark and Les. Much love to you from Cape Cod ...

Linda Starr said...

I've got my finger up in the air too for what Lee is having to deal with right now, so much craziness when Lee nor your family doesn't need it. My thoughts are with all of you.

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

I am truly sorry to hear about the difficulties you and your family are going through. It is hard enough dealing with this sort of situation without a bunch of lawyers and insurance adjusters piling more shit on your sandwich. Those two groups are some of the biggest bastards this world has ever seen. Fuck 'em all. I hope things start to turn around soon for your sister. We will keep her and the rest of your family in our thoughts.

Judy Shreve said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of Lee - she is so beautiful - and feisty with that finger up in the air. That spirit will do her well in the coming months -- but I can't believe her insurance company won't pay for her treatments!! It's amazing to me that can even occur! Can we do anything to help - write letters, sign a petition . .

And to be sued by a squatter -- that's insane!

Please know that we are here - praying for you and sending you are warmest hugs on those insane 'finger-flying' days. lots of hugs & kisses!

Shortstuff said...

Thanks from me for the good wishes and kind words as well. I'm in denial, but a good four letter word periodically does help. Does every 20 minutes count as periodically?

Peter said...

Regarding the squatters..., I assume that they ate the paint off the walls as well as stealing from the house and living there for free! Sounds like they need to be locked up in a zoo rather than being able to seek compensation... I actually don't know how members of the legal profession live with themselves.... let alone some members of the insurance and medical industry.

Regarding cancer.... #@** ! No four letter word is enough or frequent enough to really express things. So sorry that your sister has this, and you all are going through such a thing.. again.

Kind thoughts and love to you, all the way from the other side of the world. P.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Jesus Christ. Wow.

Kings Creek Pottery said...

I too raise my finger in unity! So hard, so much....sending thoughts and prayers~

FetishGhost said...

Meredith, you've been in my thoughts all week. It's made me sad that I couldn't think of anything to say that could possibly help... Friends are supposed to be close enough to hold each other.
Be strong and love deep...

kriips said...

Oh Meredith,
I am so sorry to read about all this! I wish you and Mark strength to see through this difficult time. Our thoughts are with you.

JLK Jewelry said...

I love that picture of Lee tellling cancer to F off. Attitude is such a big part of it. Lots of new things being learned and worked on daily. F' cancer and strength and love to Lee and all of the family!

Catherine said...

Sending healing thoughts towards your sister.

Jerri Neddermeyer said...

Truth always seems stranger than fiction! I will keep you and your family in my prayers, and I will scream FU*K to Cancer out my Minnesota windows in the general direction of North Carolina! I trust you will hear it and know that people all over are here to support others.

cookingwithgas said...

thanks for the Fu#king support from all of you! It does help!

trash said...

Giving the finger to cancer over here.

Mrs. G. said...

I love that last picture. A nice, strong face.