Monday, January 10, 2011

A snow day 2011

Just so you all know the kilns are still here.
I wish we had packed them off over the weekend but they are still with us.
We do think one is sold and hope it makes its way to its new home to fire many pots.

Christmas I wanted to do something with some of the small tiles I had saved the last two year.
For several years I had wanted to work out making some mirrors with some of the tiles I make.
I would get them all out and play with them.
Then I would pack them back up and think one day.
Well- the day was here.
I wanted to give both the girls one for Christmas.
So I went to my go to guy and handy man, Mark, and told him what I wanted.
Now I don't know about you, but I need a handy man.
I usually know what I want as a finished product but don't know how to get there.
So Mark helped me map out the steps I needed to finish these up and make the dream a reality.
So I made two that we grouted and loaded in the car on Christmas Eve.
Cutting things just a tad close on that one.
Now we are working out more.
He is still my go to guy and is doing all the wood prep for me.
I'll have to get a picture of the new one up as well.
It will be a Christmas present for my sister.
I know, I know but she knows it is coming.
Gee, we are known for doing things late around here!

When I decided to make these I wanted some plain tiles to use with my handmade tiles and I opted for some commercial tiles to fill in around the handmade ones.
Even though I prefer to make all the tiles I did enjoy the ease of just fitting them with some already made.

For this next one I found some slate blue looking tiles to use.
I think they will go nicely together.
I plan to finish up two.
One to give and one to sell.

Another note about the commercial tile- I was able to find over runs that are just siting in a warehouse.
So it makes me fill good that I am able to give these tiles a life by getting them off some dusty shelves.
I also bought a sheet of black glass tiles that I want to use in either a mirror or with some of the jewelry.
Again those endless possibilities!
As you must know if you are following the winter weather it is snowing here.
Seems we are in a for at least a good dose of snow and cold.
I am going to layer up and make it over to the studio to finish up some tiles I am working on.
Keep warm out there-  it is going to be a hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate kind of day.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Looking awesome there Meredith. I would guess that tile closeouts might sometimes be in quantities too small for a kitchen or bath, but plenty for a project like this.

Kings Creek Pottery said...

What a fun project! I agree about needing a handy man~ got the vision, but not the know-how ;)

Linda Starr said...

My handyman says he's not hand, so I am learning how to be handy myself. I have so many projects but I'm a slow learner in the handy category, got a few coming along though. I thought about using some of my cracked pieces as mosaic sided mirrors or picture frames, but decided I didn't need any more projects, I am still regretting throwing away that cake plate that slid though. Can't wait to see your finished mirrors. My friend Hil-dee makes tiled mirrors and they are wonderful.

Linda Starr said...

should be handy

gz said...

Mmm.....tiles= Quilting in Clay!!

You're giving me ideas!!!

Laurie said...

A most excellent snow day! I do need my handy man, but was proud to learn how to use the dremel tool today :o)