Friday, February 18, 2011


I really did start with mugs the other day but after making a set of 6 and a spare I went right on to sugar jars and bottles.
I have made lots and lots and lots and lots of mugs and it must be time to change the shape.
After 4 I was ready to move on and after 7 -I was done.
So I went right into sugar jars and those seemed to take me to a place where the mind did not want to jump around like a jumping bean.
Remember those thing when we were kids?
You could buy them in a package and then get them warm and they jumped around.
I am not sure if this is right but there was some worm in them or bug that when warmed moved- yuck!
I loved the smoking dog too... we had great, not politically correct, toys back then, crazy.
So after the sugar jars I moved over to bottles.

I like to make some bottles for the wood ash glazes that I go back and play with.
So I put in my lines while they are still on the wheel.
Then pick them up on my trusty bats and set aside.

Then the next day I play with them.

After finishing up all the pots from the other day I made more sugar jars just because they were so sweet to make the first go round.

And now here is a little know fact about me.
I use to embroider a lot.
In fact some of these things that I look at now I wonder where I found the time.
I had 2 kids, goats, rabbits and pigs plus I was mother earth so I had a big garden and know the story on that one.
This jacket, size 2 ,was done for my son and then worn by our daughter, passed on to Mark's cousin and then returned to me about two years ago.
I have just picked up my needles again and I thought about this jacket.
Mark had stashed it in his closet and brought it out.
Darn- pretty cute and now I am adding to it for the GRAND daughter.
I am filling in that cloud that I never quite finished and planning to add some to the front.

I might even line the inside when it is done.
Not to shabby and just think this was done oh- about 33 years ago- time flies when you don't know what you are doing.


Tracey Broome said...

I see some new clay patterns emerging there in the embroidery! I used to do a lot of that too, in fact I made a lot of my own clothes when I was in High School. We just have to have busy hands don't we?! Love the idea of that jacket for the grand baby. Wesley is still wearing a Levi jacket her dad had when he was a boy.

Linda Starr said...

Your embroidery is so cool, I remember the days of embroidery on jeans, love it. I never could do hand stitching, but did crochet, needlepoint, and a couple of macrame, those were the days.

Michèle Hastings said...

how sweet that it came back to you after all these years... just in time for your granddaughter. jeff and i were just talking about embroidery the other day. i mentioned that i had done Richard Scarry cats on a denim jacket when i was a kid. i would like to try doing bead work on clothes, but i don't think my eyesight (even with glasses) is good enough!

John Bauman said...

I love the bottle shapes -- especially the lips and decoration. Do your square bats fit inside a square void on the wheelhead?

Kings Creek Pottery said...

Agree~ the sugar bowls ARE sweet!! It's fun when the goove hits. I also did some needle art back when; cross stitching, a fair amount of it...that was before I my studio came to be. The need to create, as Tracey mentions, runs deep :)
PS also curious about the square bats, they look larger than the northstar ones I have.

ang said...

sweet!!! bring on the ash yes :))

Laurie said...

That needlework is in amazing shape, to be 33 years old! Awesome work! You'll have to tell me about the smoking dog.

Deb said...

Wow . . . that's really awesome. Really cool how so many have worn it. Nice work.

Navhelowife said...

WOW! Wonderful work with all mediums!