Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's not me its you

We dumped the burners we used the last firing and went back to the ones we used for the first firing.
Having these in place seem to help all around.
We went out around 5:30 to light the burners and had the kiln on around 5:50am.
It went right up and was heating very quickly and we just let her go.
I stayed with Mark early on and true to my nature wandered away to do other things.
I will have to get a grip on my focus to fire the kiln alone.
I checked back in with him now and again and was surprised when he said we are going to do reduction soon.
This was just after noon- maybe noon-thirty.
We reduced the kiln and figured about 3 more hours.
We were done at 3pm.
Fingerscrossed and we are waiting for cool down.
UNDER 10 hours.
Now this is more like it.
She is definitely up for a new and better name.

I am loving this flower- she is opening new buds every few days.
A beauty.


Jerri Neddermeyer said...

Yeah for the quick fire! 10 is great! Maybe the burners need a name too!

Kings Creek Pottery said...

Sounds like a good firing- and kudos to get her going at 5:30 a.m.!! Look forward to seeing the results :)

Michèle Hastings said...

hurray for a shorter time! i am hoping for the same today. i meant to get up at 6 to light ours but it was 8:30... oh well.
i hope you guys have great results all around this time.

Shortstuff said...

How about "hot to go". That seems to have featured in your past.

Anna said...

10 hours seems so much more doable! And I have an orchid the EXACT same colors! She just opened this morning.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

hoping it looks good, too :)


Can't wait to see the pots that come out of this faster firing!!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing whoops of joy from down the road!

Linda Starr said...

Ten hours, that'll do it, beautiful orchid. Just before we moved to Florida I was thinking I'd grow orchids and make unusual orchid pots out of clay to go with them, still might make the pots, don't relish a hot house full of plants though.