Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring without sunshine

As I was walking across the yard after lunch today it was spitting rain and there was a smell in the air to the rain.
Took me a minute to realize that it smelled like spring.
I was smelling it every time I walked outside today.
Spring- it smells like spring, earthy and lusty and full of promise.
Promise of all those things that come after a long winter.
promise of better things ahead.
Inhale deeply and let it hit the nose and go through the bones and down to the soul, spring.

Today I discovered that when I am working on the wheel my brother Jay seems to pop into my head. Maybe because we would talk about thrown pots.
I had several questions for him today so it was nice to have him with me.
It made me realize that he will always be with me, like a little bird on my shoulder, when I am on the wheel.
And, I realized that Lee seems more with me when I am working on tiles and glazing tiles.
This can not be a bad thing to have them perched inside my soul while I am working.
I just hope they don't want to give me too much advice since I can be a bit hard headed.

Spring- seems like the past month has moved past me so very quickly.
I have many things to accomplish and not all the hours I need to get them done, such is life.
Then again I look at fired pots and pots being made and I know we will work it all out if not at the fast pace we use to at a slower and steady pace.

Spring will soon turn into summer.
But meanwhile I will take some time to notice all the different shades of green that are appearing around me.
When I look out the studio window I can catch the color of the  Japanese red maple against the green of another tree just behind it.
There is no way to get a picture of just what I see but the combination of the two colors is just food for the soul and eye. It makes me smile on this cold wet day.
Spring- go get some it's out there.


Anna said...

Such a nice realization, that Jay and Lee are hanging out with you. :) AND SPRING! Isn't it lovely?? Even though they are calling for chances of flurries this week...THE SMELL! Yahoo!

cindy shake said...

Funny you mention the smell of Spring. Even though we got a couple of inches of new snow last night (which was better that the 4-9" + winter storm warning we were given!) this morning on my walkies with Nimbus -I could smell the evergreens and could smell the moisture that is back in the air -oh, and all the other lovely smells you come across walking a dog :o) it gave me hope!

Tracey Broome said...

Its making me cough and sneeze, spring that is. All I smell is kerosene from the heater in my studio since I don't have an electric heater yet, thought I would wait and get one when it got cold, ha! Bah humbug, right?
Sorry, yes it's very pretty outside and I love it, my baby was born during the spring, but come on with this cold and rain already!!
Glad you have some good company there with you in the studio, sounds like things are going to be alright....

Linda Starr said...

We're not in a drought with all the rain we got here yesterday, everything is lush looking now with many colors of green. I happened to look out the window today and saw a bunny rabbit pausing and looking around before he went into the woods. Spring visitors are the best company, glad to see Lee and Jay are making their presence known.

Tracey Broome said...

Whew, wasn't I surly yesterday! Sorry 'bout that, this weather is making me crazy! Sun is shining today though :)

Anonymous said...

hi meredith, beautiful vase and those maples are further along than ours. it is a surreal spring as after all the pear trees in the city bloomed in all their splendor, it snowed on them. it's been cold and cool and yet the plants don't seem to mind all that much. it's a great thing how our loved ones stay with us in our minds. like jay accompanying you in the studio, i still feel the presence of my dad and he died 20 years ago. whenever i get ready to do something stupid, i can picture myself trying to explain it to him... and him not buying it.

Kings Creek Pottery said...

What a beautiful posting~ thank you...

Shortstuff said...

"This can not be a bad thing to have them perched inside my soul while I am working." - just beautiful. I, too, see Lee more now. I am just beginning to have visits from Jay, although I would not describe our brother as shy.
It's been rainy and gloomy here as well. Makes me work harder to see the beauty of spring with a gray cloud hanging in the air. It's here, though. The buds on the cherries are showing a little frostbite with a touch of brown at the edges, but there is lots of green and the daffodils are out in abundance. Love the post. ~SS