Monday, May 30, 2011


I just came in from cutting this Swiss chard that we will add to tonight's dinner.
I have noticed that someone has been enjoying some bites out of or even stripping off a leaf over several nights. It took me several days to realize we must have a slug coming in the garden. I don't mind as long as they stick to one leaf but you know how that goes. First they taste, then they have to "share" the good news and next thing you know all their friends have moved in to share the bounty and we will be left with the shredded and tattered leftovers.
We are now planning how best to invite them to an all night party and not have them leave.
You know the if you play you have to pay.
Well after taking 4 days off to see family the week-end before we had to ignore all things going on around us and get the big kiln glazed and ready to load.
We just put our heads down and do it.
Nothing left but the loading and firing.
Mark is involved in another project so it will be Thursday before we load and Friday before we fire.
Meanwhile I am still galzing.
I moved back to the electric kiln and have a load there I am working on.
Stay tune- more bites later.


Linda Starr said...

Give those slugs a low dish of beer, bury it at ground level, they'll come for the night and never leave the dish as they will drown in their beer.

Dan Finnegan said...

Make sure it's Milwaukee's best...don't give 'em the good stuff!

Peter said...

Beer and Chard, that's quite a party! Love your workshop, and the photos of your work waiting to be fired. I must get back to the wheel again and the wood fired kiln. Too much time going into building stuff here... agggggggggggh!

cookingwithgas said...

I have to go out and but cheap beer- wonder if I could borrow just 1 from some one?

smartcat said...

You can also do a circle of fine ash around your plants; it feels like coarse sand paper to crawlies.
It's studio clean up time! Joy!


A sprinkling of diatemaceous earth works good around the perimeter of plants you don't want the slugs to eat. It is essentially silica flour, and we use it as a natural pesticide. The bugs eat it and it tears apart their insides. Works great on snails and slugs. Tobacco works good, too, if you happen to have any tobacco dust.

cookingwithgas said...

I am trying wood ash first and if that doesn't work I have some diatemaceous earth-thanks I had forgotten about those!