Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gone, gone, gone and a jug by any other name is

This will be quick because for me it has been a long, hot and sticky day and I think I need a dip in the tub!
The top piece has just been packed off to Texas to a very good home.
And here are 3 jugs by Mark.
Now off to cool down and put my feet up.


Michèle Hastings said...

beautiful! ... and yes, it is too hot! didn't accomplish nearly what i set out to do today.

Peter said...

When I look at both of your pots I feel so much at home! I guess that the sort of pots that Mark makes are rather what something in me would like to be doing too! It is something about form I think. I love the sort of forms that are warm and have humanity. I could imagine those last two jugs quite at home in the 16th Century in a tavern somewhere (and I mean that as a huge compliment by-the-way), and certainly I could imagine them here on our table in pride of place!! Such a great firing, you both must be very happy.

FetishGhost said...


cookingwithgas said...

MH- it was HOT today!

Peter- thank you! I love Mar's shapes and feel the same way- i could keep all of these jugs my self but know they need homes. You are so kind and words mean so much.


Kings Creek Pottery said...

I knew that pitcher would not last long out of the kiln!! It's a beauty and I am sure it will love it's new home. We are having big heat and humidity here in upstate NY too~ Hope you had a nice dip!

Linda Starr said...

This is one super pitcher and the jugs are classics.

cindy shake said...

LOVE those jugs -especially the top one!! Lucky Texas! Blow some of that warm air up North -we are still only in the high 50's maybe will hit 60 now and then -brrrr. My plants are ready for some HEAT :o)