Monday, July 4, 2011

Things that go boom!

Happy 4th of July.
The 4th has many mixed emotions for us all.
First it is a time of celebration.
For me it is a time to remember and reflect.
Maybe it should be like Christmas and we should have 4th of July resolutions.
I resolve not to drive in city traffic anymore.
Not to go to WalM*art and look in judgment at the people who dress like it is Halloween all year long.
Not to wonder out loud why someone wants to drive in my lane coming right at me when they have their own lane.
Not wonder why we act the fool when we have a holiday.
To maybe be the fool and not stand back just watching.
To dance more and step lively.
and find some time to laugh too loud.
There those are my 4th of July resolutions how about you?
What would you like.

On another note my father died on the 4th of July proudly telling my mother just before he departed,
" I guess I made it to the party."
This after being handed the sentence of cancer back in 1994.
He would ask will I be here for Christmas, no the Dr said.
Will I be here for Thanksgiving?
No the Doctor said.
Will I be here for....
Finally he asked will I be here for the 4th of July.
The Dr, said maybe.
And my father set his goal.
July 4th 1994- you are in good company.
Happy 4th.
Tomorrow- back to clay.

painting by family friend Peggy Earle


Tracey Broome said...

We really have the most parallel lives don't we? My dad found out he had cancer April 1993 and didn't make it to Thanksgiving or Christmas either. I had a 3 month old baby July 4th and my parents lived at Myrtle Beach so we didn't see them for his last holiday. I really dislike this holiday because of the heat, I relate everything that is hot and miserable to it! Sometimes I can be drug out at night to see the fireworks, but usually not. We are staying in today, napping and eating, no festivities for us, Gerry leaves to cover the last space launch in the morning.....
Happy Fourth of July to those that love it though, just send a bah humbug my way, haha! :)

cookingwithgas said...

bah humbug was a favorite saying of my fathers-- now we are really creeping each other out!
AND if I had know if was a day of rest we might have crashed your party on our way home.
I thought about it and then figured you would have plans. Bah humbug!