Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1-2-3 or lock and load baby-lock and load!

It was a long day over here in Whynot getting the last of the pots glazed and then loading the kiln.
No matter how we do it loading takes about 5 hours and after the week we had last week that was a long 5 hours.
We had the back in right after lunch and then took a break about 2:30-3.
Then had the next two stacks in by 6 pm.
We took another break and then went back about 7.
Done.... Mark is firing now.
It seems a good day to fire ever though the heat is going back up the winds are to be calm.
We can deal with the heat since we do have A/C in the building.


middle stack

and thank goodness...front stack...
Next up- clean up and get ready to do it all again.


Linda Starr said...

So much work and so neatly stacked, have a good firing.

Dan Finnegan said...

Impressive kiln must have done this before! How do you like those Advancer shelves?

Tracey Broome said...

'tis the season! fingers crossed for lots of lovely pottery xoxo

Gary's third pottery blog said...

mmmm, soo exciting!

cookingwithgas said...

We love the Advancer shelves and wish for more.
They are real back savers.

Shortstuff said...

Oooh...feels like Christmas Eve. Can't wait to see all the gifts from the kiln Gods!

Anna said...

Can't wait to see!

Hollis Engley said...

Fire on, Whynot!

Ron said...

Looks like a very nice load of pots. Hope it's a great firing.

Anonymous said...

nothing like a completely full kiln... hope the firing goes well