Friday, September 9, 2011

Moving right along

While waiting for the kiln to cool last week we started an order of 15 tiles that will be donor awards for a conference being held in Raleigh the first of October.

We know we are cutting things close with our time on the order.
We finished carving the last one yesterday and now it is all about the drying.
We did make two extras for those just in case moments.

Now, about those green beans.
We waited, watered and gave up on them. I was heading out to just pull them out when I saw beans.
Lots of beans. We have been enjoying and sharing the beans for sometime now. When  they finally decided to give forth and give up some fruits they went all the way.
I think Mark is ready to say enough! Yet, everynight we say these are the best so far.
They climbed up so far I had to use a ladder to pick them.

I wonder what Jack would say about my beans.....and just think Mark wanted to trade those beans for a cow.
Silly man!
Happy Week-end.


Anna said...

I'm already loving those tiles and you just started them! I imagine you use a slab thick do you make them? And is your only secret to keeping them from warping to dry slowly???

cookingwithgas said...

that and holding ones tounge just right and standing on one foot while making them... We work hard to have them stay as flat as possible, but even then there is always at least one if not two that go very wompy...
And yes, we do have a slab roller that I love but it does not always keep them as flat as I want.
We use sheetrock and weight them and again dance on the left side and cuss and pray....

gz said...

My beans took a while to get going too. Not marvellous this year, but still good and still going!!

Anonymous said...

hi meredith, hope the vertigo is under control. i think it's great that you all have to use a ladder to get to the beans but what are you gonna do with a cow?