Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Pucker Gallery Boston Mass.

The first day in Boston Mark and I found ourselves quite lost right out of the tunnel from the airport. We were trying to find our way to Charlestown to meet up with Hollis, but we shot out and around Boston traveling under the bridge we needed to cross but never figuring out how to get up there.
We stopped and after studying the map found a route and we were right there. All we just needed to do was turn left , when oh *&##**! we were in a lane to take us back through the tunnel and back to the airport. We ended up turning off before we went to the airport and ended up???? we did not know where. We pulled over and tried to figure out where the heck we were. I finally thought East Boston and we started trying to figure out the best route back to Boston. Finally I thought look for water and following the evacuation routes. This worked - we spied a sign for Boston, followed it to a bridge and there was a true to the right for Charlestown and we were on our way to find Hollis. After two harry rides and toll money twice to get into Boston we were happy to find parking and Hollis. And Charlestown was a beautiful and "calm" city after Boston- we were already thinking to never drive there again and this was day one!
Hollis wanted to send us over to the Pucker gallery and see the exhibition of works by Brother Thomas.
We glanced through the catalog and my thoughts were, "like hell" we are going back.....
Anyway we did go back on our last day in the area.
BUT- we parked and rode the train/subway.
Love that public transportation!
And here are some things we saw:

This was not in the gallery but upstairs-do ASK to go upstairs!

My favorite of the copper reds- rich glaze this one was.

hummm this was okay....

More copper

And a few more
I will let you digest these today and tomorrow before I post some of the pots we saw upstairs.
The show focused on some of the more flashy pieces, but the true treasures were upstairs and they tell you, "please pick them up".
And boy did we.
Cheers- good to be back in NC but the Cape has stolen our hearts.


Shortstuff said...

Beautiful pots. Glad you braved it and went back in. Those are treasures.

Patricia Griffin said...

Beauties!... As far as driving around cities like Boston, I hate it. Am geographically challenged. Seriously. When Mike and I go to any big city, we do best on the public transport... and lots of walking.

smartcat said...

Ah....the joys of driving in Boston. I generally take the train and use city transit for getting around.

Glad you enjoyed Newport, a place I do not visit in the summer.

Those are some pots! I should make an effort to get up there more often.

Enjoying your posts. Now I'm sorry I did not get up to the LNHC show. Maybe nest year!

Michèle Hastings said...

glad you braved it and went to Pucker. Newbury street is one of the easier places to get to and there is a parking lot just a block from the gallery (parking is expensive!)
i love how they take you up the tiny little elevator into all those locked rooms with treasures. everyone who works there is so accommodating, including Bernie Pucker, who is often there.
did you go to the Society of Arts and Crafts? they are just a few doors down from Pucker.

Linda Starr said...

They let you pick them up - how cool and a bit intimidating, I'd be afraid I'd drop one.

Judy Shreve said...

What a great trip - look at Brother Thomas' work - yall must have been in heaven fondling those beauties!

cookingwithgas said...

yes, going through the many rooms of pottery was the highlight of the trip to the Pucker- there was a point or two after I asked- how much is this one...500.00 and this one 1,000.00 and this one-5,000.00 - that I thought----stop picking them up, unless you want one...
We did a bunch of walking.
Our dogs were barking.

ang walford said...

looks great!!! pity the taxi drivers wouldn't pick me up otherwise i would have made i there too :))

Hollis Engley said...

Brilliant place to see pots. I'm glad you managed to get there.

cookingwithgas said...

Hollis! It was wonderful and thank you so much for sending us. Once we were there we were in potter's paradise.