Friday, November 25, 2011

and they were off!

Good day to you all.
I can only hope you had the best Thanksgiving ever with Turkey and all the fixings of your choice.
Not being the Turkey fan ( keep that on the low down please) I did not miss that in our meal yesterday but we did feast on Black eyed Peas, cornbread, sweet potatoes and collards that were picked right from the garden. Ah- life is good.
Backing up about a week ago I will fill you in on last weekend.
The show was busy and good for us.
I went over Saturday morning just before 9, after telling Leslie to take her time....., and was slammed as soon as I turned on my booth lights. By the time Leslie got there I had not stepped past the wrapping stage and she just jumped right in to help me out.
Life is good.
Saturday was the best day for us and Sunday slow but with some surprising results.
I will take it.
After the ups and downs this past year, years, I am ever hopeful.
We unpacked and had to leave Monday morning for Va.
As I have told you all before it is never just about the pots.
We spent some time with Mark's mother who is in a nursing home and still recovering from the 2 broken hips, there will be another operation soon.
Time was spent with my mother who still lives at home and is doing well, thanks for asking.
And we had an afternoon with our daughter and the Grand baby, who is not a baby at all but a toddler with words. She is, as I have said before, so much fun.
Then on the road to travel home yesterday so that we can open the store here today.
Such is the life of a potter with a gallery/store at home.
When you have to work you have to work.
No black Friday here, just good honest pots.
If you are up to supporting handmade, small business then come on out and see us all here in Seagrove.
 If you can't get here then go out in your area and look for those hardworking small Craft/Art Business I know they are there.
I was unable to get pictures at the show so I suggest you read Tom for the more information.
Time to get some tea and get ready for what I hope is a good day in Whynot.


Tracey Broome said...

SI was thinking about you this morning, so glad to hear you sounding cheerful and hopeful!!! Very happy that your show went well, wish I could have been there! Happy Thanksgiving :)

Hollis Engley said...

That's great news, Meredith. So happy to hear that.

Linda Starr said...

Glad to head the celebrations was a good one for you and Mark, just super.

cookingwithgas said...

thanks guys and I am happy to know you read me even without pictures! :)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

here's hoping for a LOT of good business days for all of us ahead!