Monday, November 7, 2011

The Dog ate my homework or Sunday distractions

Anyone who knows me knows that I love fall. I love it when the trees turn all shades of any color but the reds, oranges and yellows together are my very favorite. I found it very distracting to work on Saturday and Sunday, 'cause that is what potters do this time of year we work 7 days a week, the reds kept finding that corner of my eye and shooting hey go look at me messages to my brain. Finally I had to just give in to some tree looking.
Yesterday morning at the edge of the pond.
The small red Maple in the front yard, who you would think I had enough pictures of, like a favorite child it always stands out. Soon it will drop all it leaves. This tree loves to completely undress all at once. It will have leaves one day and then the next day you will find them all on the ground.
Just a done moment, like a discarded coat from last year.
These two trees I have pictures of from many years as well.
For some reason their colors play well together.
They make me think of old friends, different, yet, always there for one another.
I get to see these on a plot across from the mail box.
Lovely with the green all holding it all together.
Then we stopped over to distract the Luther household and while we were there Chris called out the chickens.
What is it about just watching chickens?
The girls and two guys were a great mix of different colors.
One of the roosters was just brilliant with color.
It made me want to design fabric.
And of course the time change has me off- I wonder what time it really is? I did go out to check a kiln and got stuck in the yard as the sky was full of stars. Clear, cool and crisp out there. Made me think I should get out the books on constellations.
Distraction time is over- back to work today with a big load of pots staring back at us- 21 shelves to glaze, load and fire by Sunday- ugh. It is count down to the Celebration show here in Seagrove.
We will be there booth B-29 back wall, come and find us.


Linda Starr said...

Twenty one shelves to glaze, oh boy a lot of gazing at fall colors will be needed after that. Ha.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

niiiiiice :) and you said it about potters, retailers, 7 days a week now, yelp!

Tracey Broome said...

I got the family and the fall color distraction this weekend, double dose! But well worth it.
I just love that pond of yours, beautiful photos. You should make some note cards to sell in your shop!!! said...

I too love watching the seasons change, the leaves are so pretty this time of year especially when you have lots of trees turning. I love autumn be sad to see it drift away into winter!

smartcat said...

One of the benefits of living in the woods is the way the light changes from season to season. Right now we have sun shining through golden beech trees.

Enjoy the fall....sounds like you are going into major studio time.

Laurie said...

Maybe I'll make it back in time to help glaze all those shelves. 21 shelves sounds rather intimidating!