Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wandering the backroads home

Wandering the back roads home from Tracey's last Sunday Mark took me off to travel over one of the few state maintained fords.
This is the only one in our county.

One trip  was enough for me it was bumpy and a bit deeper than I thought it would be.
Apparently the guys use to go there on the "beer" run... wonder how many times they went back and forth??!!
It was interesting, but I think I would like a bridge better.
Off to ford the studio and paer work.


Tracey Broome said...

Hey! There's a big ass lizard in the ford!
Gerry used to go four wheeling in Randolph County all the time. I'll have to ask if he knows this road. I know about those beer runs from Asheboro to Randleman!
I'm so happy to see that you and Mark had a nice Sunday, you deserved a day out together!

Linda Starr said...

Look at that lizard, so cool; what a great time you and Mark had. Gary and I used to go 4 wheeling all over the Sierras and in other states too, we loved it, got to see so much more off the beaten track, crossing creeks and such, sometimes we went with a group, like the time I 4 wheeled near Hell Hole Reservoir when the brakes started to fail I gave the wheel over to Gary, other times we went alone, down many a road I was scared to death because the cliff always seemed to be on my side of our vehicle. Gary and I do our best talking while we're taking a drive.

smartcat said...

Where did that lizard come from? He looks ginormous! I vaguely remember fords in a park in or around Washington, D.C. when I was about seven.
Proge and I have great auto conversations. I think it started when we did so much driving when he was little.

cookingwithgas said...

The lizard- there are three of them ride along with Mark and I in the truck. They sit on the dash in the window. There was a point where a friend's son took them and placed them in a pair of Mark's shoes for safe keeping. Mark thought they were lost and was then a bit startled when he found them.

Susan Wells said...

Great to meet you Meredith. Loved to hear your stories and see your beautiful pots and purses. I'll be thinking of you when I see porcelain dolls. And what a cool lizard!

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Susan- I hope we see each other again! It was great to meet you.