Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winter comes to Whynot

What is it they say about weather.
If you don't like it well wait 24 hours.
Well I liked it, but we all knew it had to end and yesterday end it did.
There was a rain and heavy wind front that came in and took us down a notch or two. It is a tad chilly this morning. I was so sure it was cooler earlier this week that I kept overdressing for the studio.
This is that time of year that finding the right combo of warmth for working in water becomes difficult. I find several layer help and that old ratty vest are a must.
A good old ratty vest will help keep your core warm while freeing up your arms.
Too many layers on the arms makes for awkward throwing.

I also took advantage of the cloudy days to shoot some pictures outside.
I have found that I can do better outside and I like the natural backgrounds that we have. I use this rock and once I have the piece set on the rock I walk around the rock rather than moving the piece. This really seems to save time. I do crop some and some I don't.
I was reading King Creek's blog and she has been doing some experimented with natural and "the cube".
Do we all have one of these cubes? I know we bought one as well and it will soon be set up again in the basement closer to the computer so I can try, yet again, to get some pictures inside that thing.... I too have had mixed results and oh, look! Dust! Oh, Look at that little hair or.... some days me and the cube just don't get along.
But I do like the rock.

I do have to be careful because as you can see the rock is not flat on top so the piece can look as if it is crooked. But, hey, aren't we all a bit off...

We really are back working and I took some pictures of the ever reclusive Mark at his sit down/stand up wheel. He bites when I do this so I have to be very quiet and sneak up on him....
He starts his larger pots on this wheel while sitting and then stands to finish them as he pulls taller.
Seems to work well.

Production in the making, think small then move to large.

Here she is winter-ta da!
Time to find some layers, clay is calling,


ang walford said...

I like the rock too!! great to see you guys back in production mode :))

Gary's third pottery blog said...

beautiful outdoor shots indeed, and rare picture of the husband!

smartcat said...

Like the outdoor shots; goes with your work. Nice to see shots of your studio with working husband! ;)

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Ang! It is time is it not to just get busy! I see you are firing AGAIN! you are busy!
see you on FB

Tracey Broome said...

Your blog looks very pretty this morning:)
I have a rock too, in fact I have several. None of them flat, why do we do that to ourselves?! I like shooting outdoors, me and dirt don't always agree in my cube, especially when I photograph fresh raku pieces.Plus, I get lazy and don't want to bother with the set up. Outdoors is fine for the blog I think
Hey there Mark!

cookingwithgas said...

the husband does work and he is very handy as in handy man handy!

cookingwithgas said...

TB you do such great shots of your work- they are always so well thought out. And I am with you - I like shooting outside - now how do you think ZAP would like those??:)

Anna said...

I have one of those vests too! Think I may need it this morning....

Laurie said...

Just figured out the vest thing a couple of years ago. Wonderful things! Definitely a very nice rock!

cookingwithgas said...

and today is yet another vest day- I put 4 ratty ones through the wash- that is how I know its winter!