Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I love numbers and yesterday when I noticed it was 1.2.2012 I thought this must be one of those lucky days for someone. I should have gone to play the lottery on those numbers 122012.
Instead I just let the day and the numbers go, and kept my money.
In fact I kept all my money on the cameras and plan to take my time when getting a new one.
The camera.....
I had ordered one that I thought would be great, new, in the box and out of stock.
Then I had 3 bids in on e down by the bay and they all ended at different times with the last one ending last night.
I was  determined to buy one and put a large bid on one that seemed good. Seemed, since you really can't hold it in your hands and look at it and feel it. I still have a hard time shopping without the tools of feel, and look with your own eyes. I know you can look on the computer screen but to me it is not the same.

So now let me back up. On Friday I drove to Pittsboro to meet our son for my late Birthday lunch. We went to the Farrington granary. Mark and I use to use the place as a stop on our way to Va. and I had not been in years. They have revamped what was a old store atmosphere with a deli counter into a full bar and sit down restaurant. It was a great place to meet and have lunch. I had the shrimp and grits and hands down it was the best I have had in a restaurant any where. They will bring you all the bread you want and the bread was really good. Joel had the Poorboy and declared it  very good, cooked just right and on a homemade pretzel roll. We had a great lunch with good conversation and made plans to do it again.
He went home to Cary and me home to Whynot.
As I was getting ready for some company that night and was covered in oil, olive olive, garlic, herbs to rub down a small leg of lamb, the phone rang.
Joel had called to say they had found the camera while cleaning up. It was behind the CD case.
Oh Joy!
But- then I am thinking, where is my mind these days?
I use to never lose or forget anything.
So since I share the losing with you I share the find.
And I watched each camera slide pasted me on on e let's go to the bay...
The last one being last night with a bid for more than I wanted to pay out. It went past me and I placed one more bid and let it go....
I do need to replace this camera at some point, but January is never a good time to spend money unless necessary and I can take my time to look, touch and hold a few cameras instead of just jumping to buy.
There are still camera shops aren't there??
So there is the story about the camera.
Not overly exciting but a lesson for me to slow down and pay attention.
On to the wheel and a visit from TB today- she is going to have lunch with us!
No picture from lunch yet....


Gary's third pottery blog said...

amen, slow down and pay attn :)

Michèle Hastings said...

i was trimming pasta dishes yesterday and couldn't find my fat brush for removing the crumbs... i had used it just minutes before. i gave up looking and later there it was... right in plain site! i think these things happen when we have too much going on in our head.

Laurie said...

Been losing and finding things here too. I used to love going to Fearrington!

Kenneth Gibbons L.L.C. said...

Pottery is great. Have to slow down in life and start to do things you enjoy like pottery. Thanks, Kenneth Gibbons LLC