Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Drink big

Mark had a request for some large mugs, seriously large mugs for some serious drinking.
 These two bad boys are a bit bigger than out standard 2 pound pitcher.
Nice size for having some brew.
I love this handle that Mark pulls from his mugs, feels good in the hand and has a great balance to it. Handles are so tricky to get right. I am not that person and have always struggled with handles.
But these should be great mugs for a man and his brother.
The messy side of the room.... glazing always means chaos to me.
Buckets, plungers, wax, banding wheels, tongs, sponges.
Mark and I track all over the big room trying not to run one another over in our mindless journey to get glazing done.
Talk- not much- nothing worse than interrupting the mental flow of thought while someone is glazing.
These days it takes all the brain cells!

Another full day of it today, must have tea and coffee, and loading possibly tomorrow.
It is now time to start watching the weather for winds... picking what we hope is the best day to fire.
So back at it.
How about you? Off and running today, got plans?
Just don't tell me you are doing something fun while I am working, that would be so wrong!


Linda Starr said...

Oh the message format is different now, blogger is keeping me on my toes, my glazing area looks very similiar when I am working stuff everywhere but your glazing on the pots seems much neater than mine.

smartcat said...

More decorating whistles and ....maybe.....roll out some slabs if I can warm the clay up a bit.

I am in love with those mugs. How big are they? I assume they will hold at least a pint?

Tracey Broome said...

Mark does make a great handle! I am doing something fun today.... working in my studio haha!
I had a crazy dream about you and Mark last night. Gerry and I came for a visit, Mark and Gerry went for a walk on your land, both in cowboy hats and shearling coats and you and I cleaned your POOL! Then we made decals for your new work. Where in the world did all of that come form :)

Barbara Rogers said...

Our studio is small, and houses many different potters working together...needless to say, glazing is chaos there too! (Black Mountain Center for the Arts clay studio) Your pots and the handles are fabulous!

Kings Creek Pottery said...

Typical Tuesday for me: Work 7:30-3:15 at my day job, while at job~ day dream about weekend studio plans!, meeting 4:30-5:30, then dinner/chat with friends until 7pm.
Fall into bed at 8:30!

Frankly, your day sounds way more fun to me than mine, excpet for my friends- I do love hanging out with them! :)

P.S. I agree- glazing is a full on concentrating endeavor

Michèle Hastings said...

unloading kiln #4 of 2012 and finishing up some handles on small oval bakers.
your glaze area is very neat compared to our chaotic glaze mess. i can't wait for good weather to be able to glaze outside.
and i agree... very little conversation when glazing. we usually work in shifts so that we don't get in each others way.

gabi said...

My weekdays look like this:
05:00 Alarm clock ringing
05:45 Of to work, 88 km of crowded highway
07:00 Arrive at day job
15:00 Back on to the highway
16:30 Arriving home

Grocery shopping, daily cleaning, laundry, cocking and having dinner.

19:00 Finally time to relax, play with clay or just drop dead on the couch...

21:00 ought to go to bed
22:00 still not in bed
23:00 finally - zzzZZZZ

So I only live for the weekends, where the days belong to me :-)

cookingwithgas said...

I think those mugs will hold about 40 ounces- a good beer's worth! I am lucky to drink 1/2 a beer at a time!
TB---cleaning my pool! and what great outfits for the guys to go walk in. Dreaming about water- i might have to look that up.
You all sound like you are having some busy days too! No rest for the wicked.

Julia said...

Working hard here today too - in fact, I could use about as much coffee as those mugs Mark made will hold... :)

Lori Buff said...

I was doing something fun, I was working. Today was throwing pitchers and goblets.
I love the mugs but think they are a DUI waiting to happen.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

40 OZ!!!!

Shortstuff said...

Mark does to a nice comfortable handle on his mugs. They feel good in the hand. I like the mouth feel, too. Rim is not too fat. Looking good.
I see Gary is drooling over the possibility of 40 oz!