Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tea bodies

Mark and I have both been making teapots today, truth be told he made 2 yesterday while I punched out some numbers. I have been making this one or two person teapot for a number of years. It is a good size for at least 2 cups of tea. I usually try to get some made every other month, but somehow with all that transpired last year I did not get any made at all.
No not at all.
 How does that happen?
Oh, wait it was a crazy year. Now that I think back on it, it is a wonder I made any pots....
I like to lay out my grid for the body right after they are thrown, leaving a spot or two for stamping and then the blank area for some carving.
On our way between Nawfalk and the B&B we stopped in to see my sister Leslie.
Les had just thrown out a crowd after giving a baby shower and this teapot was sitting all pretty on her kitchen counter. It gave us a chance to revisit with it and made Mark think about making teapots soon.
This one was made early in our transition from one style into the more stamped and carved work that we do now.
I have a story to tell about when we went to see Leslie, but it is someone's birthday in this house and I think a nice dinner might be just the ticket.
I did let him eat a moon pie after lunch today, but he complained that there were no candles to blow out.
Maybe I will put some candles in his potatoes  since there is no cake in the house.

Happy Birthday Mark, it has been a long, strange, interesting ride,and I am sure the trip is not over yet!


Shortstuff said...

Yay. My beautiful teapot from M & M had a starring role in a post. Gives me smiles. Happy birthday to that young whipper snapper you're married to. love you both and see you soon.

Tracey Broome said...

No cake? Candles in his potatoes? Long strange ride?
Girl, get that boy some cake!!!! Happy birthday MArk, love that teapot!!!

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Les- it was great to be there and I can not wait for you to get here! Well have some tea!
I know TB- but there will be some cheesecake later for the old boy!

Judy Shreve said...

Happy birthday to Mark! A moon-pie is a great birthday treat! lol Hope yall have a wonderful celebration tonight and I hope this year is filled with all things good.

Love the 'antique' teapot haha!

Linda Starr said...

Have a good one Mark, great teapot.

cookingwithgas said...

Dinner was good! No candles in the potatoes, maybe next year!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

beautiful teapot :)

Lori Buff said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mark.

Patricia Griffin said...

Happy Belated to Mark! I'm in a birthday mood, marking my B-Day today in the San Francisco airport. We're enroute to Eugene and then on to Seattle for NCECA!... I may start making teapots again too. It's been a long, long time... I like the idea of the smaller size.