Friday, April 13, 2012

Again? Yes, Again.

We knocked out the glaze on the now loaded kiln pretty quick this go around.
 We had most of it done in one day and we were able to finish it up yesterday am and then load it up in the sunshine of the day.
It does feel strange to have a kiln that you could glaze and load in a day if you really wanted to.

I am still trying to get use to the size of this kiln after glazing for 80 cubic feet for so many years.
20 just feels like a start.

 We are playing with wax resist something we use to do a lot of back in the 80's, like big hair and big glasses...
This kiln just begs for some play time and we are thinking what the heck let's play.

We like using the iron red for wax resist it works well with a rich black glaze on top.
Then Mark remembered this bottle he made around 1983.....
I am not sure why we kept this one except it is pretty sweet.
We did more with this glaze combination and then ran into problems with the two, or maybe once we built the big kiln we could not get the reduction we needed to have this come out well.
We discarded it and went on to other glazes.
Now we are back there again and it is funny to see this pop back up.
Remember me it seem to say- you have been down this path before.
Go ahead and taste me once more- oh, so sweet.
The winds have been checked, the plan is in place.
Time to find some matches.
Happy Friday the 13th.!


Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

How awesome to do another load so quick after the last. I've got firings once a month in the wood kiln for the next few months and am hoping it helps me refine how I'd like to fire and remember it rather than having a good firing and then not firing again for 3 - 6 months. I can't rember stuff for that long even if I write it all down. Will be anxiously awaiting the post firing photos of the pieces with wax resist swirls.

Tracey Broome said...

That's a great bottle. I love that this new kiln is taking you on a new journey, enjoy the ride!

Michèle Hastings said...

that is one sweet bottle, not surprised you hung onto it. like you, it always amazes me when we load our new little kiln in an afternoon... we think ours is around 30 c.f., so about half the size of my NH kiln.
May the kiln Gods be good to you again this firing, the weather looks fabulous.

Dennis Allen said...
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Dennis Allen said...

Meant to say lather, rinse , repeat but the word verification jumped into the middle of it.

Linda Starr said...

Love the bottle, has a bit of an Asian look to it. Why is there an extra cone? I think you told me before, was it because that's when yo start reduction?

Linda Starr said...

should be you

cookingwithgas said...

Linda- yes that is the cone for reduction.