Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Hot and Cold

We have been gone once again to continue on our journey into the depths of adulthood.
The details of which will just make your eyes glazed over like hot donuts so I will spare you the tales of travel, long lines, long waits and traffic.
 The trip was as short as we could make it leaving here on Sunday and back yesterday by 1:30 to open and get some work finished so we can fire next week.

One of the things we did on our last trip to Nawfalk was to stop in and take in the new Hot Shop at the Chrysler Museum. The Chrysler has the most wonderful collection of glass and it was only fitting that they open a glass studio in a building just across the parking lot from the museum. What was even more fun for us was the fact that Mark was working for Wet Dog Glass down in Star NC when the order for this equipment was being made.
 He worked on most of the things you see here. His job while he was working for them was to cut the steel for the "ovens".
It was great to pop in and see the place all set up and see how well supported it is. They have a daily demo around lunch time and it fills up with at least 60 or more folks at a time. The place quickly filled  with all ages from elderly to young childern with their parents. We noticed that many folks brought their lunch to eat while they watched. Even more fun was the fact that the Tech guy who was hired worked with Mark at Star. They were able to have a nice chat and catch up while we were there. So one more reason to go to Nawfalk if you get the time.
Glass is hot!

So here we are home again for the time being- we are getting ready for our kiln opening on the 21st of  this month.
Here at Whynot we will once again have Raven Pottery, Snowhill Pottery and Tileworks and Abela Bodycare joining us under tents out in the yard. Mud and Suds time.
There will be plenty of new work and cookies.
We are known for having the best cookies in town!
This is in conjunction with the area Spring kiln Opening and you will find that many of the area shops are gearing up to have new works as well.
Just google for more info.
Yeah, I know you can do it.
Back to it today- I have some tiles to finish up so I can get to glazing.
 This round the little kiln...... let's see what kind of mood she is in this month.
Good, I hope!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

the glass people always look like they are having so much fun...and I LOVE how fluid glass can be, and the colors...a lot more inspiring to me than most pots!

cookingwithgas said...

I know what you mean- it makes me wish I had some time to learn another trade!

Lori Buff said...

Another reason I love going to Penland is the glass shop. I so enjoy watching them create.

Judy Shreve said...

What fun to re-connect with your former pals and equipment! There are lots of glass blowers in WV - used to love visiting them when we lived there.

Happy sales with your kiln opening - and happy fun with your friends -- and good cookies!

Laurie said...

Good story about the glass folks! Looking forward to Mud & Suds on the 21st & 22nd!!

angela walford said...

ill have everything crossed hoping that your kiln is in a very good mood this firing :))

cookingwithgas said...

Hi you all- thanks! The glass is so much fun.
And we are glazing fools!
Or is that glazing, fools!

Patricia Griffin said...

Awww, your opening about experiencing the depths of adulthood sounds like a hard time. I'm sure you weathered it with grace and a generous heart... OK, now on to the cookies! I would totally show up for a chance to visit, see some pots and, most of all, eat cookies! Wish I were closer. Dang. Another time!... Wishing you a wonderful kiln opening and lots of sales!

Linda Starr said...

Wow how great for Mark to see his handywork in a museum, have a good opening and hope the little kiln behaves. Are those portulaca in the vase?