Wednesday, May 2, 2012


What? What do you mean that I need to learn something new with the changes of the computers? What do you mean that my creaky, gray- filled brain has to work harder. What do you mean that I have to think and poke and prod my way through a new software programs to upload and edit pictures....oh, my goodness really? Well, Dam*! Stomps foot here, shakes head and wishes for her old ride back, buyers remorse... (it was free). Just move on and figure this baby out. But not in a day. It might take me two. I love the way the computer flies at top speed when I am on line, but then I had to remind myself that I also use the computer to work. You heard me, work. And so far we are not playing well with one another on that front.
I think I was in at least two programs to get these pictures loaded and then posted. I already miss my old program because I knew how it worked.
This one is making me read, imagine that! How inconvenient.

Last week was bowls this week seems we are both making some form of pitcher (jug).
Me with the wee ones, creamers I call them but they can be used for other things such as heating maple syrup in the microwave. Oh, yeah!

They are looking mighty smug and proper  are they not?

And along with making pots we have started a taxi service for mice.
( don't read if you love mice!)
It seems that Monday we took a mother and her 3-4 babies all the way to Raleigh and back again.
In fact we have been riding them around for about 3 weeks.
I had noticed their not so discrete droppings a few weeks ago. I cleaned that up and hoped that was just a passing mouse.
Next time I opened the trunk there were more droppings.
I clean the truck again and placed a clever mouse trap I made inside and was riding around with a trap in the trunk. The next time I looked it was party time the whole truck was covered in many dropping.
On Monday we had to go to Raleigh and we just took them along not daring to put anything in there with them. Come on  this was not a lunch date.
When we got back Mark took the whole truck apart and finally found Ma and the babies- let us just say a quick hand with a vacuum cleaner took care of things.
This is not the first time we have had mice either in the trunk, wheel well or air filter.
Apparently air filters are a great place to keep nuts, who knew!?
Like I tell all my friends, we are living in a science project out here.
Back to driving around the web looking for trouble.


Dan Finnegan said...

I had a mouse in my car for months! So glad to not be alone...nice jug!

Tracey Broome said...

Sassy pitchers, I might have to have one of those:)

Dennis Allen said...

Nice jugs. Love Mark's big one and yours have a nice jaunty look in their handles.

Amy said...

loved the mouse story! Yes, and liked the pitchers too.

angela walford said...

hey new stuff!! whatcha get and need any help sorting it out???

cookingwithgas said...

Dan- nice to know the mice have good transportation in Va.
TB- we could work that out....
Dennis- I am always a little green at Mark's nice pitchers.
Amy- i could fill a small book with stories of mice and other things that crawl.

Linda Starr said...

great creamers; maple syrup in the microwave, it has been so long since I had a pecan waffle. We once had a family of mice in Gary's tool box in the garage. I wouldn't let Gary open that drawer till they grew up and left. Ha. Of course we had three cats back then too so they made sure they stayed outside.

yolande clark said...

yah! lovely pitchers! And I too am really relieved to hear I'm not the only one with rodents in the my case it was *rats* (horror!) living in my severely dilapidated 1978 mercedes--SO past its life as a luxury car...this was about 10 years ago, and I do manage to keep my car a tiny bit cleaner. A tiny bit. :S No mice or rats as yet.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

absolutely utterly beautiful wee pitchers, round and proud!

cookingwithgas said...

Yes, we are not alone in the mouse problems... I guess there is not a good way of knowing they are there until they are there-
Thanks for the nice comments on pitchers!

Lori Buff said...

Check on you tube for videos about how to make the new software do what you want it to do. It's sometimes easier than reading tech stuff YAWN.
Nice pitchers.

Julia said...

We have never had mice in our vehicles or our house (thankfully) but fight with them constantly in our barn. I don't mind killing the house mice, but it does make me feel bad killing the field mice. After all, I put a barn on their homes. (And they also look just like something Beatrix Potter drew...)

cookingwithgas said...

Lori- good idea!
Julia- hummm not too fond of them anywhere but that may come from too many years of living out here.
I can not think of them as cute, that would be the end of me and them- I would have to move.

cookingwithgas said...

Lori- good idea!
Julia- hummm not too fond of them anywhere but that may come from too many years of living out here.
I can not think of them as cute, that would be the end of me and them- I would have to move.

Kings Creek Pottery said...

Mice and cars is a bad (and potentially very stinky) combo~ good to get rid of them asap like you did!! I know many of them pass through my studio, particularly in the winter. The downfall to having a studio in a's annoying, for sure. You'd think they eat the clay with all the droppings they can leave- ick.

Anyway, I also love the smart pitchers!!