Sunday, June 10, 2012

A bird in the bush or invite them for tea

I have a hanging plant right across from my front door.
I noticed on Friday that I had a pair of very determined birds who were building a nest in the plant. I have had this happen before and it makes it very tricky to water  the plant.
Since I did not want to deal with the nest, eggs, mama bird I removed the nest.
They just fussed and went right back to work.
I then went in and retrieve some rubber snakes I have thanks to my son, a trip to the zoo when he was in about 4th grade and placed a snake in the basket.
Do you think they cared?
No, they just figured out it was fake and stated a new nest.
Okay, I removed the hanging basket, you win.
Next morning, new nest in a small bucket next to the kitchen door.

You win I thought and I get it you are going to build in something let's try something we can agree on.
We have this teapot that was a second from many kiln firings ago that we have over by the kiln.
There have been at least two nest built in it.
I went and got it, cleaned it out, washed it and hung it.

  You can just see the start of a new nest going in.
I was happy we could work that out.

We, Mark and our son, relocated the a very cozy, make myself at home, I like it here, garter snake out of the blueberries.
He/she has gone to live way on the other side of the pond.

I think this was a good thing after reading about the matting and reproduction of these guys.
I might have ended up with a whole ball of snakes in the yard.

We had a very nice visit from our son who has been brewing beer, good beer. He is working on getting Mark interested in brewing again. Mark use to make beer back in the day when we could not get beer here without driving 25-45 minutes.
And even then the choices were not as good as they are now. He brewed and he and I bottled.
Well let's just say there are better ways, better supplies and better choices in the brew department as well.

A little tasting going on.
This one is quite good- an IPA .
Now how are we going to get any work done?


Hollis Engley said...

Doesn't look like there's much left in those glasses ...

smartcat said...

I'm not a big beer drinker, but for a time there was an enclave on the top of our hill that made beer. It was a guy thing. One had the space, one had the knowledge, one had the bottles and capper....and so on. It was actually quite a tasty brew that even I enjoyed on hot summer days.

The teepee reminds me of the summer close on to forty years ago when Proge's dad and I were building our first house. For the first eight weeks we had a tent for sleeping (two adults, one young boy, one large Irish Wolfhound) a lounge area, and a kitchen canopy. My old Girl Scout knowledge was definitely put to use!

The firing looks gorgeous. Nice that the teapots came through. They are wonderful. I agree that so much work and time put into the making, makes it a royal pain in the a** to have them fail.

Do your kilns have names? Mine do.

Judy Shreve said...

Just love how you and the birds worked out the 'building permits.' Ha!
We were at our new place yesterday and I saw a giant black snake - going to have to get used to country living again.
There's an art in beer making - your son must be very good!
Happy Sunday!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

what a setup, fridge with TAP??????

cookingwithgas said...

Yes, Gary it is a kegerator and you need one right beside your wheel.

cookingwithgas said...

Hollis- it was just a "taste" and it is pretty darn good.
I might have to move it out to the clay building.

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Judy,
Yes, prepare yourself for the science project you will be living in!
I have to work with all these animals that live around us.
Happy Sunday to you too!

cookingwithgas said...

Smartcat- those things are fun when we are young!
Yes small kiln was named Ms. B for many reasons some good and some bad.
We never named the big kiln but maybe we could call him your majesty or just "sir". He should be knighted he has been around since 1986 and worked well for all those years.

Linda Starr said...

Some modern conveniences are really time saving and I imagine beer making is in that category. You sure have had your share of snakes this year, we haven't seen any at all. Hum, of course now that I say that I am sure to see one.

Lori Buff said...

You've reminded me that I should be making another batch of beer. Maybe next weekend.

Kings Creek Pottery said...

No beer for me, but I can relate to your bird story (though you were more accomodating to yours).

We have a very determined barn swallow- and though we prevented her nest building in the barn (so far) she INSISTS on swooping in when the barn door opens and pirching on a piece of wood as if to say, "Let's chat"! Cracks me up!

Nature certainly provides loads of entertainment :)

Julia said...

It is nice of you to accommodate the birds, and wise of you NOT to accommodate the snake. LOL

cookingwithgas said...

well- I just removed another snake from he blueberries- it is getting a bit too cozy in there with me and them. This ine was bigger than the other one- friends do you think, mates maybe?

Beer and birds I like- not so much this snake thing.