Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mental walkabout

I have been on a mental walkabout the last few days as we recover from our glaze fest.
Okay now I have looked up walkabout and find that is might be we use this word wrong.
Like all Americans we love our use of words and many times we like to refer them back to our selves.

Let us just say I have been on a mental break.
Mark fired the big gas kiln on Monday and so far, knock on wood, things seem to have gone well.
( I looked that one up too and I think I am safe to use it, knock on wood...)

I just went out and took a look and see into the peep holes and what I could see looked good.
( then there is what I can not see...fingers crossed.)
Today we are working on what we are planning for our 30th year.
We want to do a few special things to celebrate the fact that we have made pots here in Seagrove, Why Not proper, for the last 30 years.

In those years there have been many, many good times and many many changes in our work as we have explored this thing called clay.
And, many changes in us.

and where did you live in 1975? .
 Stay tune for more information as we work out all the details. We can tell you our friends Laurie, the Soap maker and massage goddess will be joining us along with Anne Raven Jorgensen from Raven Pottery.
We are planning a few other surprises and as soon as we firm those up we will announce them as well.

Do put us on your save the date calendar for October the  13th and 14th.
It should be fun!
(and, yes Tom, there will be cookies!)



very exciting... hmmm...

Judy Shreve said...

30 years - amazing! Did you ever imagine that in your teepee days?
Hope it's a fabulous celebration!
And hope this firing is as sweet as southern tea!

Anonymous said...

30 years! I'm 10 next year and planning to do something to celebrate, not sure what yet though. Plans plans...

cookingwithgas said...

Judi- The days since the teepee add up to more then I want to tell! And, no, those days would very different and yet, maybe not... I am still that girl at heart.
Sweet as southern tea- oh, sugar, bless your heart!

10 years is a lot as well- next thing you know it will be 30!

Anna M. Branner said...

Wow. 30 years and it started in a teepee. I am impressed. :)

cookingwithgas said...

well, really that would be too funny- it started after the teepee and 2 kids.
The teepee was 37 years ago...geez you guys made me do math....

Lori Buff said...

And here I was thinking it had all started in a teepee...congratulations on 30 years, that's really terrific.

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Wow, 30 years! That's a celebration!