Tuesday, July 24, 2012

No, your other left.

Mark often says this to me if I am driving and he is giving directions.
To say I am challenged when it comes to right or left it to say the sun will rise and the moon will set.
I am challenged when it comes to many things, but especially when it comes to left and right.

When I sit down at the computer on any given morning I have many things I plan to do while I am here like write a press release for the 30th anniversary we have coming up in October on the 13th& 14th here, at Whynot, on the farm, with guest and... well you see I am taking a left.
If I sit down and open FB then I am just mindless in my scrolling to see what has happened while I was sleeping.
And, if I left over to Pintrest- good grief that one will suck out your brain, I can be darn right lost.

I have to take a left back to the reality of paying bills and making pottery.
Because if I don't make pottery the bills do not get paid.
This is simple math, impressed?

In this next kiln firing in Ms. B we have two clay bodies we are testing. One is dark and one is light and if you ask me what they are I have to go out and look- wait! 308 and... something else, taking another left in the brain I see.
We looked yesterday and pots are drying slowly so we are going to throw a few more days before we glaze.

I have a stack of tiles under plastic all carved up.
I found that if I rolled the tiles, placed them on the right size Sheetrock, then layered them in a tomato box that has handles, I could take them to the Co-op with me.
Something to work on while I was there.
It worked really well, as long as I swept up after.

 The green beans are busy making tiny beans and I see lots of them there but I am wondering if this heat is just holding them back. I, we keep watering and hope we get some to eat at some point.
I see baby gourds, that are about the size of young squash right now. I am getting excited to see them get bigger.
See how well I made that left turn from pots to garden? I do know my left from my right.

It's time for tea and thoughts about the day...but maybe...a peek at FB.


Linda Starr said...

what a sweet butterfly lurking on those flowers. you're lucky to have a coop so close by.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

GOSH, the raw pieces, that bottle and that sweet handled mug in front, mmmm, yummy!

Tracey Broome said...

Looks like a new handle? I am very familiar with your mug handles, haha!
You know, Wesley still has trouble with left and right. When she was growing up I didn't think she would ever learn how to tell time, know left from right and it took forever for her to get how to swing in a swing! No one had beans or zucchini at the farmers market Saturday... Weird...

Lori Buff said...

That's a really good way to use your time at the co-op when you're between customers. Actually, if customers see you working on the tiles it might get them even more interested in the finished products. Your left thinking seems to be right-on.

alexander solla said...

Our beans too, are suffering. First they were eaten non-stop by the woodchucks. Almost weekly, they would grow, then get eaten. Now, with the drought, they just sit there. Tiny versions of their usual greatness. Breaks my heart.

I would much rather be making pots than watching this garden dry up.

Michèle Hastings said...

I am a lefty and often do the opposite of what I am told... forget about any kind of group dance, I am always going the wrong way!
When I was a kid the only way I could remember my left from my right was that the fingernail of my left pointer finger looks and feels odd due to being caught in a door hinge when I was three years old. I always wondered how people with two hands that looked the same could tell their right from their left!

Julia said...

Little Q struggles with right and left - I don't remember if I did when I was his age. I think it is a sign of a highly creative brain, for sure...always moving on to the next thing. :)

cookingwithgas said...

I am fascinated and so very grateful to every response I get from you all- we have wonderful lives and thanks for sharing yours back!
here's is to cooler weather, green beans and lefts turns.