Friday, July 13, 2012

Yawn...excuse me, but I am a wee bit

It has been a really busy week getting the kiln unloaded and sorted.
Some pots went in the store.
Some pots went in boxes and were shipped away.
Some pots go to Raven Pottery for the store in Southern Pines.
And, some go to the Co-op in Seagrove.
Almost done.

Some days that big kiln makes for some big work when all the pots come out. They need to be sorted otherwise where would we put the next round?
back stack- lots of blue going on..
We are nearly finished up and then next week it is back to the wet work.
We are already making mental, need to get them to paper, notes of what we want to go in the next load.

On the home front we had rain. Luscious wonderful rain. A bit much rain the other day, but rain non the less. The heat was so bad that the flowers I had started from seed and watch them get big enough to think they would produce were dying one by one. One a day, another a day and another. I finally have blooms on the ones left and I plan to enjoy everyone of them.
Then there are these eggplants. These are dinner tonight, finally! I have been watching them for weeks and give them some real rain and they double in size overnight.
Swiss chard, climbing spinach, green beans have made it through, but the tomatoes really suffered and may not recover. I am lucky to get some from friends and neighbors but my plants were dropping blooms in the heat and now too much water, they still are not happy.
Even just a small vegetable garden can be work and heartbreak.
Although, I planted some gourds, what was I thinking, and they are like weeds climbing and grabbing everything around to climb up as far as they can. Mark, with my help, put together some bamboo very high and we tied twine back and forth to give them a real boast up so they would, I hope, quit attaching to everything else in the garden. It was one of those wonder what these will do here moments. Oh, I should thin those out. Oh, I should string those up. Oh, good grief those gourds are taking over.
Just a few move pots to sort and we will bore you all with pictures of pots.
Well, really, if I can get to it, I will shoot more that came out of the kiln.
Have a great day.
Tea time,


Anna M. Branner said...

Did you really finish this post at 5:41 AM? You and must be on the same schedule this morning. I gave up and got up at 5.

WISH we could get some rain! The 3/4 inch we got in the last horrible storm was great but oh what I would give for a nice all day shower!

cookingwithgas said...

yep, I was up----somedays 4:45 is as far as i get.

Linda Starr said...

What are you going to do with the gourds? They have such wonderful shapes, I always wanted to carve or paint them.

Amy said...

Love the black and blue ones. Saw your pieces at Raven Pottery in SP. :) And, it's not a bore to show more pictures of them. That would be great!
Loving the rain and wet here too.

Susan Wells said...

Yes, this cloudy weather does ask for a nap. Even before breakfast! How I wish I had an eggplant ready to eat like yours!

Cathy at PotterJotter said...

Great looking pots and so good that they all have homes to go to! Would love to see some close-ups at some point! xCathy

Lori Buff said...

Do you have a rain barrel? It can really help to save plants during dry spells.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Pottery and Eggplants! Just my kind of post. Please pardon the nosy questions (usually Gary gets the nosy potter "how-to" questions) but how big is your kiln? It looks HUGE to me (obviously a non-potter). Do you have a smaller kiln or just do so much work that you fire up a giant batch all at one time? Love those blue pots!

cookingwithgas said...

Hello! The eggpalnt was so sweet. We do collect some rain but not enough. We need to do something about that. This summer beats all- no rain hot as heck. Now rain and soggy!

cookingwithgas said...

Claudia- we take all questions no problem.
We have two kilns and the big one was built in 1986 and is 80 cubic feet stacking space. It is big. We have a small one that we are playing with 20 cubic feet. One day we hope to have it working like we want.
Meanwhile it does take a lot of pots to fill the space.
Thanks for stopping in- come back when you can!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Thanks for the info! I looked at more of your posts and saw Mark standing in the kiln so that pretty much answered my question that big is BIG. Believe me, I'll be back! :)