Saturday, August 4, 2012

Where is my camera?

You know I have gotten in the habit of carrying my camera with me every day until recently.
 I would just pick it up in the morning and carrying it along but for some reason I keep forgetting to pick it up. Where is my camera I would think?
 Oh, yeah, in the house or in the basement or in the pantry or in the kitchen. Anywhere but where I want it to be.
 So- when we loaded the kiln I did not get any pictures at all. This is not like me where is my brain? I really do like to take pictures when we load to go back and look through when we fire again. I feel it is really useful to see what was where and how well the glaze did or did not do in that spot. BUT- I seem to be falling out of the responsibility and being a bit lazy about it all. This will be the 6th (?) firing in the small kiln and we have been hitting some and hitting the wall with others.
Good, bad, good, bad, good, good, bad. Maybe I think too many pictures are going to just jinx everything. Maybe better to just wing this stuff...

While we were up in Virginia in May I spotted this display cabinet/nook in the spare bedroom at my mother's house. She had used it for her miniatures, but was not using it any more. Can I have it? She had picked it up at a yard sale for 5.00. I offered her 5.50-sold! (I think I still owe her some money.....)

 We wanted to put this on the outside of the shop but it was not going to hold up to the rain. It went up, it went down, it went up and it went down. Finally Mark made a place in the store for it. It is well suited for the store and I fine that something sells from it almost anytime there are customers.

I am glazing tiles..... I like this radish pattern and try to get it on a tile in some form every time I do a round.
It is just fun.
It says eat your veggies to me..

I have decided that the gourds are going to take over the garden completely.
I noticed a vine is working it's way towards the backdoor of the kitchen. I am wondering if we will wake to find the gourds crawling on the house trying to get inside like some alien from outer space.
Give us your young, we are hungry, we have already eaten your tomato plants, but we want more. 
I look everyday and there are more with more varieties showing up.

Here is the seed packet I have spotted several of these and there are many, many up high.
I am holding out hope that they do not eat my moon flowers that I put in. I see one good vine of the moon flower out growing the gourds.
GO!GO!GO! Run- I want blooms in September.

Tomorrow is a cool down day for the kiln.
Fingers crossed.
Maybe this firing will be in the good.


Tracey Broome said...

Toes and fingers crossed for you! I love that display piece, I would like something similar in my kitchen for all of my mugs but I have no wall space..... Maybe some day when we find that piece of land.....

smartcat said...

Battle of the Moonflowers vs. the Gourds! That should be interesting!

I know what you mean about cameras. Somedays I am on the ball and take photos of everything, progress of pots, bread, gardens, other days I'm like "Camera? What is that?"

Such cool tiles!

Shortstuff said...

The display cabinet looks great there. Love the gourds. Very pretty. I'm rooting for moonflowers, though. They're so pretty.

Dennis Allen said...

It's a good thing you got there first. I would have given her $6.00 and in cash not promises!It really shows off the pots well.

cookingwithgas said...

hey tb- good to have you back blogging- missed you!

cookingwithgas said...

hi smartcat- I know- where are our brains? I really love moon flowers, they need to win some space.

cookingwithgas said...

Hey les- little by little- thanks for letitng me snatch that piece.

cookingwithgas said...

Dennis- good thing I beat you there.

Anna M. Branner said...

Damn but I love your blog. :)

cookingwithgas said...

Anna! Sweet!

Laurie said...

Reading this made me realize my moonflowers didn't make it this summer. I'm pretty sure I saw at least one in the spring, but I guess all that heat and dry... That sweet shelf looks made for your pots!