Friday, September 14, 2012

A Celebration: 30 Years of Pottery at Whynot Pottery

A Celebration: 30 Years of  Pottery at Whynot Pottery

Mark and Meredith Heywood moved to Whynot NC in the summer of 1976. After a start in small farming and furniture making Mark and Meredith were encouraged by the local potters to learn the craft of pottery making. Soon it consumed all of their spare time.

In October of 1982 they were ready to open Whynot Pottery. The name is from the community they live in, Whynot NC, and honors Meredith's grandfather, J.B. Slack, who was born and raised in Whynot. J.B. and others made sure Whynot stayed on the NC map.

Whynot Pottery for the most part has been a two person operation with both Mark and Meredith throwing, glazing, loading and unloading kilns. Mark does fire the large and small gas kilns the one step that Meredith gladly leaves to him, just as Mark leaves the bookwork to her.
Both Mark and Meredith have a hand in every other step of the operations from start to finish.

In the past 30 years they raised two children while making pottery. While both children have a great appreciation for handmade items and pottery in particular they have each moved on to be successful in other fields. Having spent many hours working to help promote the Seagrove potters Meredith also worked with the RAG on the NC Potters’ Conference for 15 yrs. and served on the board of directors of the NCPC for 10 yrs.

About potting, “There is nothing else that I would want to do”, says Mark, “I truly love what I do, spending hours with clay creating something that will be used in someone's home gives me a satisfaction that I have gotten from nothing else I have ever done”.
“The moment this all comes together is at the point when a piece is bought and taken away to be used. I get the most pleasure when I walk into a home and see our work in use. It makes what we do a complete circle”, said Meredith.

How do you mark 30 years in the business?
Well of course you make pots stamped and signed especially to commemorate the occasion and:

We are pleased to invite you to visit us Saturday, from 9-5 October 13th or Sunday, from 11-4 October 14th, rain or shine, for an open house and special edition of “Mud and Suds in the Yard”. Mud and Suds is our spring time event but joining us to help celebrate are the usual suspects Raven Pottery, Abela Body Care and on Saturday from 2 until 5 special guests Andrew Deming and Joel McClosky. Andrew and Joel are craft brewers and the driving force behind Four Saints Brewing Company, soon to be Randolph County's first commercial micro-brewery. On Saturday Four Saints will be offering a tasting of a brew or two, as well the unveiling of the 2012 St. Nicholas Christmas Ale.

For more information call 336-873-927


Judy Shreve said...

Congratulations you two for your years of creating beautiful pots! Hope the celebration is more than you hoped for!

Dennis Allen said...

Between the marriage and the pottery you two really do commit for the long haul don't you.Sounds like a great celebration coming up.

Dan Finnegan said...

Fantastic! Best wishes for the next 30!

Tracey Broome said...

It's on my calendar!!

smartcat said...

Since my teleportation device has stopped working I will be with you virtually!

Linda Starr said...

Thanks to both of you for your creative spirits and for encouraging me in my clay pursuits, I hope I can get my teleportation device to work, if not like Suzi I'll be there virtually as well.

Lori Buff said...

Another reason to go to Seagrove. I'm so tempted but it is a long trip from Atlanta, I'll be with you in spirit at lease.

Congratulations, 30 years is really awesome.

Anonymous said...

I know how proud Uncle JB and Aunt Lib would be!

Becky Slack

Julia said...

30 years - so AMAZING! You & Mark are absolutely a testament to dedication both in personal & professional pursuits. I wish I lived closer, so I could come celebrate. BTW, the celebration is on my birthday so I will have a piece of cake on your behalf as well. :)

Jimmy Randolph said...

Congrats! We'll plan to see you then!

Hollis Engley said...

COngratulations, you two, from Dee and me. It's a ling time, isn't it? But it goes like the wind. Have a grand celebration. I'll be trying to sell pots st the Wellfleet OysterFest all weekend.

Hollis Engley said...

PS: It might in fact be a "ling time," but I meant to write "long time."

cookingwithgas said...

Thank you all.

I am like Dorothy from OZ- there is no place like... I wish you could all come! And those of you that can! Yeah!

Shortstuff said...

Still pouting, 'cause I can't be there in person. I'll be there in spirit, though! Have a Christmas beer for me.

alexander solla said...

That is so amazing to have been working together, in the same studio for so long. Fantastic! And the work shows that commitment. Congrats!

cookingwithgas said...

We will have a beer for you Les.
Alex there are days I could write a book on working with your spouse.
And days that he could could as well.
Our favorite morning saying- fire me today, I need some time off.

Amy said...

congrats on the years! how exciting and what a beautiful partnership.