Thursday, October 17, 2013


 I have been multitasking the past few days.
I have been throwing some filler pots and getting ready for a glaze load.
It makes me wonder if the word is really the prefect word for people like me who prefer to jump from one thing to another.
We can tell ourselves that we are getting many things done, while not really focusing on any one thing.
I am busy.
I have all these things that need me...

Or maybe it is really a good way to avoid doing something.

I have had a few request for garlic keepers and I thought that I would play with the idea a bit.
My thoughts when I am making garlic keepers is; for how many heads of garlic and, how big will they be?

 In the past few years I have been lucky enough to have folks around me growing garlic.
The heads of garlic I get from them are somewhere between what you can find in the store, the wimpy stuff, and the elephant garlic. The big, in my opinion, tasteless stuff.
I am telling you like it is that the elephant garlic I bought once was pretty bland.
So when folks say I want a garlic jar, I need to know what size.
Is it bigger than a bread box?
Or smaller than a hat box.
You know what I mean?
With all this said I did ask and they did tell me, you know who you are, but to protect the innocent I am not going to name you. My friend in Florida....

 Instead I made 2 jars bigger than a honey pot and when they were leather hard I dropped in some heads of garlic.
I think these will work out nicely.
Plus, I made them fun with stamps and all that stuff...
I might even make a few more.

I can tell it is fall by the color of the lizards. They are all going brown now, putting on the falls colors.
I love these late marigolds that have come up in the yard.
I planted them last year in a raised bed. They jumped the bed and hit the yard.
Mark spotted them and has been mowing around them.

Cheers for now- I have to go task something.


Michèle Hastings said...

I like a garlic jar to hold three to four heads. I agree with you about elephant garlic. I think it tastes more like a mild onion than garlic.

cookingwithgas said...

I have to admit I was really excited the first and only time I bought some. I like my garlic to taste like garlic. I got some great garlic from a friend this year that is so good.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Those jars are fantastic! I agree that elephant garlic is not good. Maybe it's that bigger is better mentality or maybe it's just for show. Either way, I don't need it to fit into any garlic jar of mine. :)

That bee photo is so cool! The colors and the textures - you can even see his little hairy legs!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

aaaaaaagh a lizard!

Shannon said...

don't you just love the lizard's crazy long middle toe on the back foot? a great form, so is your little pot. nice pix I can almost smell.

Laurie said...

If you figure out the secret to getting through a day without multitasking, I'd love to know :o) The volunteer marigolds are lovely, and pretty cool that Mark mows around them!

Lori Buff said...

I have the same problem with brie bakers, what size wheel of brie is someone using, 5"? 6"? 15" (yes, you can get them around here)?

We love to use garlic when we cook so the garlic jar tends to be overflowing. I need one the size of a flour jar. However, normal people will most likely only need it to fit 2 - 4 bulbs.

Sandy miller said...

Just started using my garlic from the garden. I was disappointed with size this year....... Until I tasted it! Whoa! It's a keeper!
I love your garlic jars! Especially all jazzed up!
I keep believing I am a multitasker but this week burned my rice so badly I will never get that pot clean!
Leave me my illusions :)

cookingwithgas said...

Shannon, I was study that crazy toe. I don't think I have ever really looked at those toes so much. They are great.
Sandy- the fresh stuff is so good, so good. Makes you wonder how you could even go back to anything from the store.

Lori- I don't make brie plates and decided to not walk down that path...

Laurie- you are as busy as we are these days, that is a good thing.

Jimmy Randolph said...

Love the pots, and especially love the bee in the marigold blossom. It's so deeply engrossed in its nectaring it almost appears as if the flower is swallowing the bee!