Sunday, May 18, 2014

Working the set

 I have a weakness for cream and sugar sets. I know, they just tug at me.

I always think that no one buys them any more. Really, I think, who uses cream and sugar?
Apparently someone does since they still seem to find their way to new homes.

When they come out of the kiln I have favorites. This one I think, or this one... I can see them taking their respective places in the kitchen next to the coffee pot.
Or, set up on the dinning room sideboard waiting to be brought out to be used  for a family occasion.

 As I have stated before, I love making jars. For me there is something about not only making the jar, but making the jar with a well fitting lid.

When we first opened the pottery the customers here were use to the fact that the local potters made jars and then made lids. They would then mix and match them until they had one that fit well enough.
I, on the other hand, had learned to make a lid to fit the jar.
One day I walked into our newly opened shop to find all the jars lined up on the floor, with all the lids off and 3 women walking around trying to match the lids to the jars.
I almost had a heart attack right on the spot. I quickly regained my composure and was able to explain to them that the jars all had their own lids.

We manage to get them all put back together......

I am happy to say this does not happen anymore.

 I think that our buying public is more informed now.

Mark and I have been busy listing pottery for sale in our Etsy shop.
If you can't get here and want to pick up something, go use the Etsy shop.
If you see something there and want to bundle a few things you can call or email us.

We would be happy to help you.


Shortstuff said...

I like your cream and sugar sets to much I've gifted two different varieties to Andrea!

LOVE the oil lamps. Those are my go-to for bread and butter gifts.

Sandy Miller said...

funny story! I packed up an order and shipped it out to a gallery. I numbered each pot and put the matching number on the lids. When I got to the opening the lids were no on the right pots! I ran around and adjusted. It looked so odd to me but not the gallery owner! Looking back, pretty funny! Now I tie the lids to the pots!

I love cream and sugar sets! Yes, we break them out and use them. Hosting a dinner for a bunch of potters, I walked in the kitchen and all the potters had the cream and sugar sets over their heads looking for signatures or marks. It was hilarious!

The pieces are just lovely! Bet they all find homes quickly :)

cookingwithgas said...

Thanks Leslie, you are my best sister customer, ever!
And, I get nice notes from your friends.

cookingwithgas said...

Sandy, it amazes me when someone mixes up lids. The worse was when a potter asked a gallery owner, where is the lid?
Gone with the trash it was!! Whoops!
Check all the paper and never toss the trash until you are sure.
Tie it down, I like it.

Dennis Allen said...

I always tape lids on for transit. Secure and no chance of mix up.

Lori Buff said...

I love your cream and sugar sets.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

You make fabulous jars. I love them! Always so tempted every time I see a new batch.